Elaborate ‘Bluff’ Penalty Attempted In Swiss League, Total Hash Made Of It (Video)

Chris Wright

3rd, October 2012


By Chris Wright

With Grasshopper Zurich 1-0 up, St. Gallen were presented with a fine opportunity to level things in their Swiss Super League clash when they were awarded a penalty with 15 or so minutes of the second half remaining.

Now, a penalty kick is, in its essence, a very simple mechanic and, employed correctly, should provide a relatively foolproof method of scoring a goal.

Sadly, St. Gallen pair Oscar Scarrione and Pa Madou had been working on a little something all week…

The game finished 1-0. Grasshopper replaced St. Gallen at the top of the league. Well done chaps.

(Video: 101GG)

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  1. Nuno says:

    Either the ref thought it was the right punishment for trying such a stupid stunt (as they might score the replay) or it was just a blatant error. According to FIFA rules the penalty taker must be clearly identified.
    So we won’t be seeing much more of these

  2. Wesley says:

    Indeed, the player placing the ball is to be identified as the kicker. Nevertheless, this trick was shit in every way.
    The goalkeeper had like 5 seconds to realise he was being trolled, with a guy running at the ball from 20 feet out it was actually just a regular penalty kick for him. So what was the point anyway. The thought the goalkeeper had tunnel vision towards the first guy?
    Come on..

  3. Matt says:

    Assuming the ref got it right, since it was saved, alllow play to go on. Had it gone in, it would have to be re-taken.

    I hope there was a USB for somebody…and I’d like to know what the coach had to say and how he said it…

  4. sloth says:

    I wonder… if the player who spotted the ball told the ref that another player was going to kick it, would that be allowed?

    The rule says the kicker must be identified, but it doesn’t clarify to whom exactly; is it just the ref who must know who will be kicking, or is the keeper to be informed of who the kicker will be?

    Either way I don’t think that’s what happened here, and it’s still excessively underhanded, not clever or innovative as these smug wankers must think.

  5. Herman says:

    That’s not making a total hash of it. It’s just a penalty that got saved. Making a total hasf of it would include the player missing the ball, falling over or injuring himself or something similar.

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