Brazilian Player Smears Own Blood Across Face Of Opponent (Video)

Chris Wright

15th, October 2012


By Chris Wright

In what looks more like a deleted scene from Last of the Mohicans, though we’re told it’s actually from the Brazilian third division, we see a Santa Cruz player Chicao have his nose bloodied by a flailing elbow from his Fortuleza opposite number, Esley, only for his to retaliate by smearing his claret across his opponent’s face by way of revenge as if to say ‘Look! Look what you did!’…

Eww. That’s just nasty… and horribly disgusting… and ridiculously stupid… and potentially incredibly dangerous.

(Video: Off The Post)

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  1. sloth says:

    Nasty and disgusting, yes, but I hardly see how it could be “potentially incredibly dangerous.”

    In some weird way, I actually really like what he did. It has a certain karmic beauty to it I suppose.

  2. K-Force says:

    One of my opponents in my summer league smeared his blood on the referee after a clash from a header resulted in a bloody nose. The referee cried after the altercation and we won by default. Football never fails to amaze.

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