“Chelsea Take The Lead!!!!… No, It’s A Corner” – Clive Tyldesley Gets Ahead Of Himself On ITV (Video)

Alan Duffy

20th, November 2012


By Alan Duffy

ITV’s excitable Manchester United fan-in-residence, Clive Tyldesley, has a habit of getting ahead of himself whilst commentating, something he perfectly demonstrated early on in Chelsea’s Champions League clash with Juventus.

As Eden Hazard’s attempt on goal deflected off Gigi Buffon’s legs and towards the pitchside hoardings, Tyldesley had a bit of a commentator-gasm, as his voice grunted out, rather disturbingly, “Chelsea take the lead”. Oh, Clive.

Oh, and another thing, why does pundit Andy Townsend have to be such a bloody know-it-all? Shut up, Townsend!

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  1. @OldNumber7Shirt says:

    I literally LOLd at this one. “Haza-ah-aahhd!!!” Can they put this in my FIFA?

  2. cfc1905 says:

    how do ITV continue to spend so much on all the rights to all the champions league games/england international’s and still have enough to keep employed such questionable pundits/commentators!?

  3. Neil says:

    I think that’s the problem, cfc1905, they don’t have the money to employ anyone of actual class to commentate/pundit/present (Adrian Chiles…)

  4. bob says:

    @cfc1905 you know that doesnt make sense right? if they spend so much on the coverage then it means they only have a little amount left over, so they employ the rubbish pundits/commentators such as these 2 which are cheaper.

  5. Dave says:

    Cliche man Tyldesley has got on my tits for many years now,and dont get me started on the irritating “funnyman” Chiles.

  6. sleeba says:

    Saw Townsend once hanging out with Andy Gray at Donnington Monsters of Rock. Both totally arseholed acting like arseholes with suspect looking girls taking the piss out of anyone that passed. Also saw him get called a wanker by a Chelsea fan during a minutes silence at the Bridge when he first came back with Villa, not normally funny but that was because it was true and deserved.
    Chiles makes me gag too.

  7. opas magnus says:

    Clive Tyldesley, is a life long liverpool supporter.
    I think people should research before they write.

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