Time-Wasting Peruvian Keeper Plays Silly Boggers In His Area, Swiftly Gets His Comeuppance (Video)

Chris Wright

12th, August 2013


By Chris Wright

In which Union Comercio’s veteran goalkeeper, Juan “Chiquito” Flores, attempts to run down the clock with just six – six! – minutes of his side’s Peruvian Primera Division game against Sporting Cristal gone and swiftly gets his comeuppance.

With Cristal already having had a goal disallowed despite the game only being five minutes old, 37-year-old Flores attempts to “fake out” Cristal striker Irven Avila with a frankly rubbish feint as he farts about with the ball at his feet, then gets caught out way wide of his goal as Avila nips in, nabs it from Flores without any trouble, dribbles it round him and rolls it into a completely unguarded net…

Captain Fantastic! So much for the value of experience, eh? What a prannet.