Nelson Vivas Sacked As Quilmes Manager For Punching Quilmes Fan Square In The Face (Video)

Chris Wright

22nd, October 2013

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By Chris Wright

Quilmes coach Nelson Vivas (yep, that Nelson Vivas; formerly of Arsenal) has been forced to resign after his position at the Argentine Primera Division club suddenly became untenable – not due to a string of bad results, a slump in form or a fall-out over owner interference, etc., but because he slugged a fan square in the face after Friday evening’s 1-1 draw with Atletico Rafaela.

According to local reports, the fan yelled “referees are robbing us and you’re doing nothing about it!” as Vivas made his way back to the dressing room. The red mist descended and Vivas (wearing the white t-shirt in the video) threw a punch at the Quilmes fan which left him sitting on his backside as Vivas was manhandled away from the scene by stadium staff.

Weirdly, it looked for a moment like Vivas was going to be able to keep his job, with the Quilmes fan in question – a man known only as ‘Carlos’ – contacting Argentine station Radio La Red on Saturday to admit that he deserved to be blamed for the incident, saying: “[Vivas] shouldn’t have to apologise to me because it was all in the heat of the moment. I think Vivas should continue.”

Unfortunately, Quilmes President Anibal Fernandez didn’t agree and finally got round to ousting Vivas on Monday evening, telling local reporters: “Professionals like Vivas can’t get angry about these things, they need to be able to show level-headedness. What happened was crazy.”

(Via Daily Mail)

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  1. Marcos says:

    There’s a moment when the fan yells at Vivas that he gets really pissed off and shouts him back: “C’MON! I’LL WAIT YOU BACK THERE!” Well, it seems that the fan went after the coach and the rest is on the video

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