Wrexham Have Goal Disallowed After Net Comes Loose, Livid Fan Provides His Own Commentary On The Situation (Video)

Chris Wright

19th, November 2013


By Chris Wright

In fairness, referee Amy Fearn did eventually award Wrexham their goal against Kidderminster in the Conference on Saturday but it did take her six long minutes to come to a decision after Adrian Cieslewicz’s 71st-minute strike unclipped the goal-net and trundled away down towards the corner flag.

The Dragons were 0-2 down at that point and the consolation effort would’ve gone some way to kick-starting a comeback so, as you can well imagine, those six minutes were akin to torture for the Wrexham fans behind the goal who witnessed the injustice first-hand.

Thankfully, one of the supporters situated directly adjacent to that fateful far post  – let’s call him Zapruder – was documenting the game on his camera at the precise moment Cieslewicz’s shot echoed around the grassy knoll.

His reaction, as they say, was priceless…

For the record, the game ended 3-1 to Kidderminster – at which point, this guy probably spontaneously combusted in his seat.