Anorthosis Coach Hit With Glancing Blow From Half-Arsed Snowball, Hits The Deck Like KO’d Prize Fighter (Video)

Chris Wright

23rd, December 2013


By Chris Wright

‘Twas the Cypriot League derby between Omonia Nicosia and Anorthosis Famagusta on Saturday, with the former running out 3-2 winners – though there was no question who the real loser was, with a member of the Anorthosis coaching contingent taking a glancing blow from a half-arsed handful of thrown snow like a complete and utter pansypants…

“The snow: It’s BUUUURRRNNNNS!!!” 

What a bleedin’ pillock.

However, it’s not like that kind of thing was the sole preserve of the Anorthosis staff, as Omonia scout Rainer Rauffmann also showing he was a dab-hand at ‘incident simulation’ when he scuffled with one of his opposite numbers on the touchline during the very same game and ended up throwing himself to the ground like he’d been kicked in the face by a particularly vicious horse…

My my, the Cypriot League looks a lot of fun!

(Many thanks to Pies fan @FetusFromHell for the tip-off)