Clanger: Clumsy Arse Zacatepec ‘Keeper Bungs One In Off Back Of Oblivious Striker’s Head (Video)

Chris Wright

25th, September 2015

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Another fantastic finish by Rick O’Shea

A rather fantastical bollock was dropped in the Copa MX last night when Zacatepec goalkeeper Javier Caso proved a little too eager with his distribution.

Upon gathering a soft free-kick, Caso attempted to launch a quick counter-attack by hurling the ball upfield to his teammates.

Unfortunately the Mexican stopper failed to take the presence of Rodrigo Prieto into account and duly proceeded to lob the ball straight into the back of the oblivious Necaxa striker’s head – with comically inept results…

Prieto’s perfectly judged header cancelled out Zacatepec’s one-goal lead, with Necaxa going on to win 3-1.


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1 Comment

  1. maria says:

    You wonder what the ‘keeper is saying to the ref.

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