Romanian Coach Sacked After Beating 16-Year-Old Player For ‘Organising Secret McDonald’s Trip’ (Video)

Chris Wright

3rd, November 2015



A Romanian youth coach has been unceremoniously relieved of his duties after disgusting footage of him attacking a 16-year-old player did the rounds yesterday.

Liviu Petrache, coach of the Under-17 CSM Studentesc Iasi side, was filmed losing his temper on the touchline during a game and hoofing seven shades out of one of his own players.

The youngster, later identified as Codrin Tirisca, 16, was reportedly booted by Petrache, 40, for having the temerity to go against his coach’s orders and organise a secret team trip to McDonald’s the night before the game.

The Mirror have a video of the incident, which obviously doesn’t make for easy watching…

Codrin later told local press:

The night before we were due to play, we were put up in a bed and breakfast.

None of us had anything to eat because the food there was so awful, and in the night we were hungry so we sneaked out on foot to the [McDonald’s] restaurant and bought something.

You’ll no doubt be glad to learn that, according to Romanian news site Gazeta Sporturilor, Petrache was immediately fired by CSM Iasi when news of his psychotic break came to light.

Codrin’s father also issued a statement to Gazeta in which he said he was “undecided” about pursuing legal action as he isn’t interested in “taking money” from Petrache.

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  1. chris says:

    Dont take his money, kick his arse.
    Thats your son FFS

  2. Murray says:

    They went to McDonald’s without their coach, and the didn’t bring him back a 12-piece box of Chicken McNuggets. I’d be violently upset to be left out like that, too.

  3. Ron says:

    Ummm, while the coach is clearly an asshole…do we really need a WARNING ahead of the video?

    Christ, you see worse on the news or in the newest shitty blockbuster movie out of Hollywood. Not that I approve, but I’m pretty sure with war, famine, natural disasters…we’ve all seen much worse.

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