Painful Viewing: Some Wag Has Created A ‘Skill Video’ Of Harry Kane’s Dire Performance Against Iceland (Video)

Chris Wright

29th, June 2016



As you may recall, England were ever so slightly disappointing against Iceland earlier in the week, with most if not all of their players failing to provide any semblance of technical adequacy or basic organisation.

With that in mind it’s perhaps a little harsh to single anybody out from the morass, but that hasn’t stopped some wag out there from creating a ‘tribute’ to Harry Kane’s often laughable, shin-happy bumblings.

It’s all dressed up like your standard Youtube skill video, complete with a stirring string-led soundtrack that makes each misplaced pass, each forlorn poor touch and the endless procession of wayward set-pieces look all the more risible…

Too soon?

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  1. Drew says:

    Who’s worse, Kane or Zardes?

  2. Paul says:

    I don’t think Kane ever had it… Spurs serve him well with great passers and crossers alike, and he continues to bombard shots until something goes in and reap in the plaudits. His conversion rate when you look at the 2015/2016 is actually quite poor compared to his peers. For every shot that nestles into the back of the net, you can guarantee that there will be 6 others which have gone high over the garden fence and through the neighbours green house.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why are you questionning his ability from him taking poor set pieces in which he is a striker and taking set pieces isn’t what strikers are meant to do, he is the best striker and finisher England have and is in the top 3 of best strikers in the Premier League

      • Paul says:

        The set pieces just highlight his mentality, “If i shoot 5 times then statistically something will go in”. I’m not talking about him taking corners and crossing the ball in, which is quite frankly disgraceful for a top level footballer. I’m not doubting his ability, he has shown in the last two Premier League seasons that he can score goals, however if he had a developed football brain he would be able to pick out passes which would lead to better goal scoring opportunities, instead of hitting row Z from 35 yard efforts. He’s young and hopefully still malleable from a coaching perspective, because he does have the potential to be something special. At the moment he has total tunnel vision, to the detriment of the teams he plays for.

  3. bokeebles says:

    That video clearly must a joke. There’s some clear irony going on, there.

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