Wandering Hands: Sporting Lisbon B Substitute Manages To Concede Penalty While Warming Up Behind Goal (Video)

Chris Wright

17th, May 2017



Image: Sporting TV/Youtube

Poor old Budag Nasirov somehow managed the extraordinary feat of both conceding a penalty and getting himself booked over 15 minutes before he came on as a substitute during Sporting Lisbon B’s recent Segunda Liga tie against Academica.

Bizarrely, the 20-year-old Azerbaijani was warming-up behind the Sporting goal when he was penalised for handling a wayward cross before it had gone fully out of touch.

Sure enough, the referee noticed the handball and promptly pointed to the spot…

Nasirov was cautioned for interfering with play before Academica striker Rui Miguel converted the resulting spot-kick.

Just to make matters worse, Miguel then scored against 10 minutes later to secure a 2-1 away win for his side.

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  1. milt_palacio says:

    Is a penalty the correct punishment here? He isn’t playing so how can he commit a foul? I know you can get yellow/red cards as a substitute for unsportsmanlike behaviour, but in that case the other team doesn’t get a penalty/free kick? I would’ve guessed this one is an indirect free kick or refrees ball

  2. Nuno says:

    Rules changed this season, stating that if a substitute player interferes with a ball still in play, a direct freekick/penalty is awarded, plus a yellow card. This is how it was explained in Portugal, not sure the change was worldwide but believe so. Harsh (or stupid) in this case, but it’s same penalty as if he had come into play to stop an attack.

  3. Maria says:

    As far as I can tell, this should have been a booking an an indirect free-kick to the other team. The offence here is that a player entered the field of play without permission and interfered with play. That he handled the ball is irrelevant I think.

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