World Cup: Compilation Of Jordan Henderson ‘Regista’ Passes Against Croatia Makes For Difficult Viewing (Video)

Chris Wright

13th, July 2018

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There were myriad reasons England failed to overcome Croatia in their World Cup semi-final, though the not-entirely-unexpected loss of the midfield battle was fairly key.

By and large, Luka Modric, Ivan Rakitic and Marcelo Brozovic held the middle ground in exemplary fashion as their English counterparts – Jordan Henderson, Jesse Lingard and Dele Alli – found themselves starved of footballing oxygen.

Indeed, this sardonic ‘Regista’ compilation of Henderson’s probing passes just about sums up his performance, particularly the latter half of it.

It’s basically the dreary sight of England’s steadfast captain just aimlessly lamping the ball up-field and out of play to nobody again… and again… and again…

Not that we’re militant anti-Henderson bandwagoners – he’d had a decent tournament up to that point – but that really was shocking, especially compared to the ease and grace with which Croatia’s midfielders circulated the ball, switched play from flank to flank without looking, etc, etc.


(Original video: @kaibardal/Twitter)

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1 Comment

  1. LiquidL says:

    We were tactically beaten and could not/did not adapt. Our wingbacks were pegged back into a 5-3-2, so Alli +Lingard stretched out to cover wide areas. Sterling worked the channels as instructed and Kane played among the centre backs. Not enough bodies in central midfield.

    The Croatians knew our main threat outside of set pieces was pace, particularly Sterling. You can’t catch him, so you cut off the lines of supply by closing down Henderson quick. Henderson therefore had (usually) little time and few options ahead of him. I can’t bring myself to blame him for not being Paul Scholes.

    The only one that changed his game in reaction was Harry Kane who kept dropping very deep to get the ball – sometimes to the half way line which was so frustrating.

    We could maybe have used more adaptability in our system… but who knows if that would have confused things too much.

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