South Korea: Son Heung-Min And Teammates Spared Military Service After Winning Gold At 2018 Asian Games (Video & Photos)

Chris Wright

1st, September 2018


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Son Heung-Min and 19 of his South Korea teammates will be formally spared from mandatory military service after claiming gold at the 2018 Asian Games.

After the first 90 minutes finished zip-zip, a couple of goals from Lee Seung-woo and Hwang Hee-chan in extra-time saw the Korean Republic chug to a 2-1 victory over Japan.

All able-bodied South Korean men must complete 21 months service in the military, but exemptions are offered to athletes who win gold at the Asian Games or any medal at the Olympics.

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The Asian Games is actually an Under-23 tournament, but Son captained the team as one of Korea’s three permitted ‘senior’ players.

The Tottenham forward was subbed off minutes before the final whistle, but soon came cavorting back onto the pitch when the final whistle both secured gold and delivered him from the army’s clutches.

Talk about high stakes. No wonder he was bloody ecstatic!

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  1. Straight Dave says:

    He was fucking shitting a brick that he might have to do military service. I bet he was running around like a mentalist in this game. Getting called up for the army is something that’s mandatory for all young Korean men.. just suck it up and do the time ffs. It’s not even two years for Christ’s sake.

    • Andrew says:

      What the fuck are you talking about Dave? He’s got a 12 year career at best and you want him to give up 25% of it to patrol a fucking border? You numb nut.

    • nn4 says:

      2 years out of football will stifle his development. He isn’t just your normal everyday Korean, he’s a professional football player playing in the top divisions in Europe. I bet you never even step foot in a paintball maze. What’s wrong with you?

    • JP says:

      And bring back hanging and corporal punishment!

      If you’re that concerned with the Korean Army you could volunteer? It’s not even 2 years ffs

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