Let’s all laugh at that Gonzalo Higuain MLS penalty miss

Ollie Irish

28th, September 2020


F- you, Designated Player!

When Gonzalo Higuain blazed a penalty over the bar on his debut for Inter Miami, I celebrated as much the Philadelphia Union players who gleefully Keowned him. (Union won 3-0, but had he converted, the score would have been 2-1.)

I freely admit I have no love for Higuain. Talented finisher in his prime, sure, but he always came across like a charmless rat of a person, an opinion I didn’t change after watching ‘First Team’, the Netflix documentary series on Juventus, last year.

Look at the smugness, and that after quitting Napoli – where he was loved – for Juve. Is there a more slappable face in all of football? I think not. So let’s all laugh at Higuain and his big FAIL of a debut in a league I’m sure he thinks is beneath him – let’s not forget, Higuain is seven years younger than Zlatan and scurried away from European football for a fat paycheck. Also, I can’t wait for him to get really fat after he retires.