Is Crawley Town manager John Yems the grumpiest gaffer in England?

Ollie Irish

22nd, October 2020

Crawley boss John Yems was in fine fooling after his side’s 2-1 defeat at Exeter on Tuesday night:

Yems is that cantankerous black cab driver who won’t go south of the river after 11pm. Look at the face on him. To dredge up an old saying, he’s like a bulldog chewing a wasp. You can understand his frustration, mind, as Crawley were 1-0 up until the 77th minute.

Although London-born Yems seems like a right moody bar steward (he has previous), it’s also refreshing to know that there are still some old-school, non-media trained, journalist-despising managers in the lower leagues. The ghost of Joe Kinnear lives on…

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