Football videos: drunk Belarusian ref too pissed to leave pitch on his own


10th, July 2008

Give this guy a medal… and a kebab

At first it looks like referee Sergey Shmolik was having back trouble. But then all became clear: Mr Shmolik had enjoyed something a little stiffer than a cup of tea at half-time of a Belarusian league match he was in charge of (FC Naftan vs FC Vitebsk, if you’re interested).
That’s right folks – he’s as pissed as a newt, hammered, drunk as a skunk, blotto. A blood test performed after the match revealed an enormous amount of alcohol in Sergey’s system.
According to reports, Shmolik spent most of the second half stood in the centre circle, swaying, officiating the game with “meaningless gestures and strange whistles”. Sounds like most Premier League refs then. He has been suspended from refereeing indefinitely and is due to face a hearing at the Belarusian FA later this week.

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