Confederations Cup highlights: Spain 0-2 USA (yes, that scoreline is right)

Ollie Irish

25th, June 2009


Who saw this coming!? Not me. Not anyone really. And so the USA prevented the Spanish from setting a new world record of 36 matches without a defeat. Somone had to stop Del Bosque’s men – I just didn’t expect it to be the States.
Who’s to say Bob Bradley’s team, which is peaking with Swiss timing, won’t go on to win the tournament? Again, not me.

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  1. kaya says:

    I’ll say it. The odds of us beating Spain were ridiculous, but the odds of beating Spain and then Brazil probably beat the significant digits on your typical calculator.
    I liked the result for the obvious reasons, but also disliked it because the stupid people at US Soccer don’t and won’t understand they *still* need to find a new coach.

  2. jeneria says:

    This victory, while epic, does not mean that the US is an elite team. We have a history of beating top teams and then falling apart or fading away. I will enjoy the glow of this victory, certainly, but I’m not about to say that all the US problems are fixed or that we’ve righted the ship. It takes more than one victory to do that. After all, the sun shines even on a dog’s ass once in a while.

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