Bolivian football seriously harms you and others around you (with video evidence)

Ollie Irish

25th, August 2009


This shocking series of incidents happened on Sunday during the Bolivian derby (aka the “clasico cruceno”) between Oriente Petrolero (yes, the club was founded by an oil company) and Club Blooming. Both teams come from Santa Cruz, and – surprise! – both teams hate each other’s stinking Bolivian guts.

I’ll leave it to our good friends at Dirty Tackle to describe what happened in more detail (otherwise I’d just be cutting, pasting and changing a few adjectives, and that ain’t nice):

“Sergio Jauregui of Blooming retaliated for an elbow he caught from Oriente’s Leonardo Medina during the run of play — an act which earned Medina a red card — by executing a sickening kung fu kick that would even make Jean-Claude Van Damme jealous on Medina as he headed for the tunnel, leaving him unconscious.

Jauregui was obviously also issued a red card for his vile act, and a fight broke out between the two teams. The match would eventually end as a 2-2 draw, though one more red card was issued in the 73rd minute to another Oriente player.

Though doctors say Medina suffered no lasting damage, he has been ordered to 12 days bed rest. Jauregui, meanwhile, was said to be in hiding after fleeing the stadium, according to a public prosecutor. He has, however, been seen on television, issuing an apology for his attack.”
God love South American footballers. Crazy mothers.