Serves Ewe Right: Sivasspor Sacrifice Live Lamb On The Pitch Before Friendly (Video)

Chris Wright

12th, August 2011


By Chris Wright

What we have here is grizzly footage from before Sivasspor’s recent friendly with FK Rad Belgrade, in which the Turks kick off preceedings by getting a tarpaulin down on the touch line and slitting a live lambs throat (to a ripple of warm applause) before smearing the claret all over their boots…

As a heads up before you go wading in, it’s not overly graphic as the camera cuts away (no pun intended) at the ‘money shot’ as it were – but I’d steer clear if you happen to work for PETA, RSPCA etc…

Sivasspor went on to win 4-1 so, if Arsene’s watching, it looks like the old ‘pre-match lamb splicing’ thing may be worth a stab (pun intended).

Via Deadspin