Retro Football: Neil Warnock’s Classic Half-Time Bollocking – Shrewsbury vs Huddersfield, 1995

Chris Wright

27th, September 2011


By Chris Wright

Picture the scene – the year is 1995 and you’re plying your trade with Huddersfield Town in the old second division.

You’re wet-through, knackered and thoroughly miserable after finding yourself 2-0 down on a freezing cold, rain-sodden afternoon in Shrewbury and, as the referee’s shrill whistle echoes around Gay Meadow, you know that an irate Neil Warnock is already storming off down the tunnel to concoct his half-time ‘motivational speech’…

(Warning: Contains a fairly high quota of  ‘spicy’ language)

How very John Sitton-esque. Pies’ favourite quote has to be: “You? You were in f**king Latvia!”