The Best Or The Worst Goal Celebration Ever? You Decide (Video)

Alan Duffy

6th, October 2011


By Alan Duffy

The Finnish Third Division doesn’t sound like the most exciting league in the world, however, that’s until you meet Brazil’s Marcello Matrone, who plies his trade with HIK.

You see, Matrone is determined to add a bit of showbiz glamour to the Finnish game, something he did in rather under-rehearsed fashion when he scored against Honka recently, as you will see from the video below.

However, a crap Axl Rose impersonation isn’t all Matrone has up his sleeve, oh no. Here’s his take on Shakira.

And here he is entertaining the crowd with a particularly rubbish, yet deeply poignant homage to Amy Winehouse.

Actually, his celebrations are definitely the worst ever witnessed on a football ground. By some way.