Naff Celebration Merchants HIK Score ‘Goal Of Love’, Produce Cringe-Worthy Tribute (Video)

Chris Wright

11th, October 2011


By Chris Wright

If you though HIK’s previous overwrought/decidedly annoying goal celebrations (think Shakira, Guns N’ Roses, etc) were low budget and chintzy just wait until you see their latest offering, ‘The Goal of Love’.

Scored in the same game that spawned the Axl Rose-aping tomfoolery, the ‘Goal of Love’ sees a chap named Soares bag a completely unremarkable goal, charge into the crowd to kiss his girlfriend Alysson and then, for the benefit of mankind, produce a naff tribute video (complete with Avatar-esque ‘special’ effects) to mark the occasion that is so cringe-inducing that it made a little bit of sick come up…

Here you go…

Video: 101GG