David Ginola Sues Former France & Liverpool Boss Gerard Houllier, Because He’s Worth It

Alan Duffy

15th, November 2011


By Alan Duffy

Luscious-locked footballing woman’s crumpet, David “Because I’m worth it” Ginola is to sue his former France boss Gerard Houllier over offensive comments allegedly made by the former Liverpool manager in a new book, Coaches’ Secrets.

The trouble all stems from that infamous World Cup qualifier in November 1993, when France conceded a last-minute goal against Bulgaria in Paris. With the home side only needing a draw, the scores were level as 1-1 with only seconds left on the clock. However, rather than hold on to the ball in the corner of the pitch to see the game out, Ginola fired over a misplaced cross, which allowed the Bulgarians to counter-attck and score a winner, courtesy of Emil Kostadinov. Bulgaria thus proceeded to the finals while France crashed out.

After that disaster, Houllier resigned, saying: “The adventure is over all too soon. With only 30 seconds remaining we were there but we got stabbed in the back and at the worst possible time.”

“The referee still had his whistle to his mouth when Ginola won that free-kick near the corner flag, but then he goes and sends in a huge 60-metre cross instead of hanging on to the ball. That allowed Bulgaria to go and hit us on the counter.”

Houllier has seemingly never managed to forgive Ginola for his error, and has always blamed the former PSG man for Les Bleus’ non-show at USA ’94. Now, in the new book, the former Aston Villa boss has apparently had another go at the player, and this time Ginola has had enough.

The first court date is scheduled for December 12 in Toulon.

Here’s that infamous goal again. But surely France could have defended it better even after Ginola’s wayward cross?

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  1. kct says:

    If Ginola did this in every qualifier, resulting in numerous goals being conceded over the whole length of the group qualifying stages, then Houllier would STILL not have a point. He’s the man that should’ve guided France to the WC. Fair play to Ginola.

  2. murry1975 says:

    Hardly Ginola’s fault that nobody in the rest of the French team tried to tackle the Bulgarians is it? And when you consider this Bulgarian side went to the semi-finals of that WC , with the joint top goalscorer (Stoichkov) it makes Houllier’s comments seem to be going against the facts that he was a shite manager .

  3. John says:

    Houllier is a deeply unpleasant man.

  4. Sultan says:

    Cracker of a shot….

  5. Mr. Sparkle says:

    If I was a Liverpool fan, I’d sue Houllier for buying El Hadji Diouf.

  6. Tom says:

    what a strike son!

  7. Al says:

    Considering they ran the ball out from their own penalty area and therefore past every other member of the France team before scoring a ridiculous shot – yep totally Ginola’s fault

  8. In full agreement with Tom and Sultan…shut up about the Ginola mistake cos that is some finish!

  9. Jack says:

    Maybe it is true. Maybe Ginola was being vindictive, Houllier has a right to an opinion. People who get attack you from any side other than the front I can’t stand. Perhaps his money from shampoo endorsements was running low.

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