West Ham Newbie Diego Poyet Apologises To Andy Carroll Over ‘Greasy’ Tweets Dredged Up From Years Ago

Chris Wright

14th, August 2014

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By Chris Wright


First of all, sincere apologies for using the word “newbie” there. It just slipped out, honest.

Secondly, the man you see before you is Diego Poyet, 19-year-old son of Sunderland boss Gus, who has recently made the move to the big time with West Ham, signing a four-year deal with The Hammers at the start of July.

However, the internet was quick to point out that our Diego, then aged 16 and on the books at Charlton, once had some non-too-flattering things to say about some of his new West Ham teammates – with a series of Tweets being dredged up from 2012 in which Andy Carroll and Stewart Downing bore the worst of the brunt.

For fans of gloriously awkward juxtaposition it should be noted that Poyet’s Twitter avatar now sees the man himself proudly clad in claret and blue, making these archive Tweets look even greater…


Realising he was staring down the barrel of an arse-kicking, Poyet has since apologised to Carroll (but not Downing!) for his sins, Tweeting…


Thankfully, Carroll has since written it off as nothing more than a harmless bit of #BANT –  on one condition…


We’d wager that Poyet the younger has got off fairly lightly there.

In other news, poor old Stewart Downing!

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1 Comment

  1. Jarren says:

    Andy seems like a decent lad, able to take the craic.

    Looking forward to seeing Poyet Jr. in action, if he’s anything half as decent as his dad then West Ham have done well.

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