Charlton Athletic Women axe Madelene Wright for unacceptable behaviour

Ollie Irish

4th, December 2020



Going by her Instagram, which has more than 50,000 followers, English footballer Madelene Wright is unashamedly out to have fun. A little too much fun for her former employer Charlton Athletic, though, who parted company with the 22-year-old Londoner after allegations that she’d been seen swigging champagne whilst at the wheel of her Range Rover, and inhaling from balloons at a party. The horror!

I don’t know the full details of the club’s investigation into Wright’s behaviour, but it seems harsh to axe her for behaviour that would be seen as a wee bit of mischief coming from a sportsman in his early 20s – I can’t imagine any Premier League player losing his job for the offences Wright is alleged to have committed. Alexander Lacazette and Mason Greenwood have both been caught inhaling balloons, and I don’t recall either being sacked.

If you read the tabloid reports on this story – hmm, I wonder why the tabloids took an interest? – it’s clear that Wright has been branded as a certain type of person. The Daily Mail did a big write-up and not once did the story mention which position she played. Ditto The Sun. Instead both newspapers peppered their article with her most revealing Instagram photos.

Double standards are an occupational hazard for women footballers, I’m sure. Wright has some growing up to do, clearly, but I hope she finds a new club.

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  1. Jake says:

    It’s a bit of mischief until the “whilst operating a motor vehicle” bit, surely?

  2. Red says:

    To put it in a proper context, you’ve had Grealish this year be charged with smacking in to a bunch of cars whilst avoiding lockdown, and now he’s praised as a sort of would-be Gascoigne. The point is, she hasn’t been over-punished for what she’s done, only that the measures meted out should be equal to the men’s game too. It’s hypocrisy and whilst she deserves what she has gotten, it’s bollocks that someone doing the same if not worse in the men’s game gets a comparative slap on the wrist.

  3. Ozzy says:

    So it seems you like the big tabloids need to be more invested into a story before publishing it. There’s videos of her engaging in a sexual act with a male counterpart while she’s on the phone on loudspeaker to some sort of service providing company with no shame knowingly being recorded. Hence why her appalling behaviour adds up to the termination of her contract.

  4. Comfy Chair says:

    …because drinking & driving and huffing ball sweat isn’t that big of a deal?

    Jesus Christ! Who’s writing this shit these days?!?

    Get your act together, Pies.

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