The Many Faces Of Mexico Coach Miguel Herrera

Chris Wright

24th, June 2014


By Chris Wright

Pink-faced, sweat-swathed, gesticulating wildly and permanently on the verge of some sort of massive cardiovascular episode, we’ve fallen in love with Mexico coach Miguel Herrera just a little bit over the course of the World Cup.

Here’s our visual guide to reading his mood…

Brazil Soccer WCup Croatia Mexico

“Please welcome, standing a 5-foot tall and weighing in at 220 lb – from Hidalgo, Mexico – the undisputed heavyweight champion of the dugout: MIGUEL…”BLOODBATH”…HERRRRRERA!!”

Brazil Soccer WCup Croatia Mexico

It’s always nice to win a corner

Brazil Soccer WCup Croatia Mexico


“Are you not ENTERTAINED?”

“Fight me bitches!”

Brazil Soccer WCup Mexico Croatia

“Who dares interrupt me during a Bublé session?”

Bosnia Mexico Soccer

“Gringos, coming over the hill, AAAATTAAACK!!!”

Brazil Soccer WCup Brazil Mexico

“The only time I can truly be at rest is in the arms of my true love”

Brazil Soccer WCup Croatia Mexico

“Right, enough rest. NOW WE RIDE TO WAAAAARRRR!!!”

WCUP Mexico Ecuador Soccer


Brazil Soccer WCup Croatia Mexico

“Goddamn shooting pains in the right arm”

Brazil Soccer WCup Croatia Mexico

“Where the f**k did I leave my Digoxin?”

(Photos: PA)

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  1. Jarren says:


  2. TO says:

    His reaction to the referee not awarding Mexico a penalty after a Croatia player committed the most blatant handball of the WC yet was priceless. Damn near looked like he was having a seizure

  3. stoffel says:

    You’ve missed the best one! Google ‘miguel herrera gif super saiyan’ and get it up there pronto!

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