‘It’s My Dad’s Fault’ – England Hero Harry Maguire Reveals Majestically Massive Heads Run In His Family

Chris Wright

10th, July 2018

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Harry Maguire has revealed that the nation of England has his father to thank for the breezeblock-sized head he’s been putting to such good use so far this World Cup.

As well as countless towering clearances, the Leicester City defender got his panoramic forehead on Ashley Young’s corner to bludgeon home the Three Lions’ breakthrough goal against Sweden in the quarter-finals.

Speaking in an interview with Gabby Logan for BBC Sport, the centre-half was asked whether or not his stately cranium was a family trait.

“Yeah, I blame my dad,” Maguire replied with just a hint of weary resignation.

Asked if his fulsome hereditary boon has acquired any nicknames in the England camp, the 25-year-old said:

Jamie Vardy always calls me ‘Slab Head’. It’s not very complimentary.

So it seems we all owe Mr Maguire a debt of gratitude for blessing his son with a head the size of a breadbin.

And, without wishing to lower the tone unduly, Mrs Maguire probably also deserves a nod for giving birth to that monumental thing.

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