Football GIF: Mario Balotelli’s Moronic Studs-Up ‘Tackle’ On Alex Song

Chris Wright

9th, April 2012


By Chris Wright

Long before Balotelli picked up his fourth red card of his Manchester City career, he butchered Alex Song’s knee with a disgusting challenge that went completely unpunished.

Should Mario have walked for this? Damn straight…

(Word of warning: Don’t get stuck watching the clock, you’ll disappear down a deep, dark hole!)

They’re now saying Balotelli may have played his last game for City following yesterday’s petulant, precious, pissy performance at the Emirates – with Roberto Mancini admitting that he is ‘probably’ going to look at getting shot of his mopey liability over the summer.

Could you blame him/them for wanting to sever all ties after that display? Shameful.

GIF: Mocksession

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Mancini has tried his level to best to mentor this guy into a world class player worthy of his talent. I feel bad for the way this guy shows how him no respect.

  2. ds. says:

    of course, Mancini at one point said Teves (at least quite probably) had played his last game for City, so only time will tell.

    and while people have warmed to Balotelli this season, let this be a reminder that he definitely has a greater than average capacity to act like a massive cock-end.

  3. ae says:

    Moronic fool !

    City shouldn’t have bought all these mercenaries. Sell Balotelli, Kolo Touré, Nasri, Dzeko, Barry, Milner, Tevez, etc.

    Buy players with heart and soul, like Kompany…

  4. macd says:

    Sell him he’s a liability

  5. Lukass says:

    He’s not so cool now, eh Pies?
    Seriously, all this media pampering of a human being with an IQ so low they wouldn’t even accept him in the police is downright disgusting. The boy is a disgrace to Manchester City Football Club and in my view, the sooner he fucks off back to Italy, the better for English football…

  6. tom says:

    if he goes, i will no longer cheer for mancity

  7. Rodzilla says:

    The bloke is an utter tool with far more money than sense. Living in his own little dreamworld, he now thinks he’s a cult celebrity loved by the British public. Noel Gallagher’s televised ass-licking interview on Football Focus a few months ago has only added to his delusions. To be idolised by a total cock-end does not an idol make.

    A waste of talent, yes, but time for him to pack up his silly hats and GTFO of the Premier League. Prick.

  8. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Balotelli should have been shown a warning for his first offense but for whether the ref did not see it, or did not think anything of it, nothing happened.

  9. werderbremen_rulez says:

    Balotelli perfectly epitomizes what ManShitty as a whole stands for, tbh.

  10. chris says:

    why has someone not beat his ass yet? I’d think Barry, Kompany, or, better yet, De Jong would give him the clattering he deserves. thug, once in a while a charming thug, but a thug none the less.

  11. Arsenesbrasso says:

    Balotelli isn’t actually a bad fella but he’s terribly immature.

  12. Niiiicko says:

    Could be a great player. Too immature at the moment. Nightmare for city. The rich kids are throwing their dummies out. The problem with players playing for money instead of pride and achievement.

  13. js94 says:

    Nothing wrong with this compared to Derry/Young incident. The F.A. are 100% correct as far as I’m concerned.

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