Arsenal Fan Wears Tottenham Shirt Outside The Emirates To Apologise To Girlfriend For Cheating (Video)

By Alan Duffy

No doubt cheesy Brit film writer Richard Curtis is already planning to use this incident in his next twee Hugh Grant vom-com, but Gooner Luke McQueen, who does have more than a touch of the posh-fop about him, probably deserves some credit after posing outside the Emirates in a Tottenham shirt.

The Arsenal fan apparently cheated on his girlfriend, ‘Sarah’, and then, after being caught out, decided on the old chestnut of the grand gesture, in this case featuring himself wearing a Tottenham shirt outside the stadium of his beloved Arsenal. He even posted the whole thing on Youtube.

However, let’s be honest, Arsenal fans are probably the least violent in the country, if not the world. Indeed, if he really wants to impress his ex, how about standing outside Elland road in a Man Utd top? Or maybe Ibrox in a Celtic shirt? Maybe then, and only then, would she forgive him.

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  1. Toz says:

    I didn’t feel it, if I was the girl, I woudn’t take him back.

  2. Anonymous says:

    if he really fancies going the whole hog I reckon wearing some sort of West Ham/Chelsea hybrid shirt at Milwall might just about get him noticed

  3. Captain Obvious says:

    Trying to cancel out one infidelity with another eh? I expect you to make an apology video for AFC now mate! :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Given the fact she probably doesn’t give a solitary shit about football, I’d say it didn’t work.

  5. Tom Jones says:

    what a tosser.

  6. the figg says:

    tosser, dont take him back

  7. Miguel - NYC says:


  8. snowmanvilla says:

    dono who the women is but she could defo do better than this tool

  9. gamblino says:


  10. Graham says:

    A boring Arsenal fan comes up with a boring way to win back his girlfriend who he was too bored with to stay faithful to and she’s probably bored watching this. Even the old man who pops up towards the end looked a mixture of stupefied and bored.

  11. 123w says:

    You lads are mean ;(

  12. MGJ says:

    Idiot for cheating, bigger idiot for doing this. She probably cares fuck all about football. He made it all about himself by cheating and he’s made it all about himself by wearing that shirt. He had about as much heart as club level too!

  13. dc says:

    this screams fake

  14. wolfinho says:

    as far as articles on WAATP go, can we skip stuff like this next time? this is like three degrees away from soccer/football relevancy. if it had, a) a professional footballer, b) a clip involving a football match (even if it’s a streaker or a dog/cat/rooster on the field), c) fans involved in something related to the game (i.e., trying to burn down a stadium, demanding a player’s uniform) or, d) football paraphernalia, it would be fine, but this is so dumb and corny. sorry for being so judgmental, but even the comment thread seems extra lame with a subject like this.

  15. Nienke says:

    I know I would beat my boyfriend up for this… cheating ánd wearing the shirt of the rival. Tosser…

  16. Milkchew says:

    Jesus, that shirt is so old that Gary Mabbut used to squeeze into it! Not much of a gesture considering he probably picked it up from a charity shop. Cock sucker couldave at least purchased a new one.

  17. Andy Carroll's Ponytail says:

    @Wolfinho: If you don’t like it, don’t click on link man. Did someone force you to? Did you cheat on your gf as well?

  18. WildScotsman6 says:

    wolfinho is right.. let’s all go to his website.. what was it again wolfinho?

  19. Dan says:

    U all know that this was a youtuber having a laugh right? Its not genuine… youtube is full of these people.

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