Snapshot: Even The Advertising Hoardings Are Losing Faith At The Emirates

Alan Duffy

19th, February 2013


By Alan Duffy

Ah poor old Arsene Wenger. His grand plan to fashion a shiny new, post-Invincibles team from cheap, cheerful and young talent rather than big tim Charlies seems to be failing yet again.

After being thoroughly outclassed by Bayern Munich on Tuesday night, the north Londoners’ hopes of Euro success are all but dead and buried now. And to make matters worse, in the advertising boards at the Emirates and starting to question the club’s French boss. Zut alors!

(Image: 101GG)

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  2. Gaze says:

    If I was a betting man I would have gone for a goal down inside 10 mins. So often in big games this season they concede early.
    Oh we’ll the squad is still young……

  3. Jarren says:

    To be honest I’m getting sick of feeling pity for Arsenal.

    It used to be that teams feared Arsenal and fans hated them.

    Over the past few seasons I’ve almost adopted the kind of feeling towards them that I do when seeing a lost puppy.

    It’s not right.

  4. Graham says:

    This made me laugh until my sides hurt. Well done, marketing dept!

  5. jules says:

    this is pathetic if we aren’t champions league level who is city? they cant even get out of there group! We played probably one of the top 3 club teams in world football and we got beat so fuck

  6. Nuno says:

    @jules, just because Arsenal got VERY lucky in the group stage doesn’t mean they’re better than City. Sure City shoul’ve done better but they had a Group 10 times more difficult than Arsenal.
    That being said, I don’t think many teams can compete with this Bayern, only Barça and maybe Real. And with already 15 points over 2nd place in Bundesliga, they are again serious contenders for the Champions League title.

  7. Nielshh says:

    Wasn’t there some advertising with ‘Priceless’ too. Just ‘since 2005’ missing…

  8. jules says:

    @nuno Got very lucky ? what are you on about? we were beaten by shalke at home first loss at the emirates to a foreign team !! We have been in the champions league since i can remember (not strictly true but a long fucking time) we are more champions league than city who have failed to get out of there group on two consecutive seasons now, city spend millions and scraped winning the prem, united buy our best player and now they are gonna win it we survive on a shoe string budget compared to united chelsea and city and still Wenger gets flak its all bullshit

  9. Nuno says:

    THAT is what I’m talking about. You lost at home against 3rd place Bundesliga last year (currently 9th), while City had to face the league champions (current 2nd). You also faced the french champions, but who currently are 8th in their league (and you bought Giroud off them). City had to face Real Madrid, also very difficult, although they should’ve won against Ajax (champions last year, currently 2nd). So you can’t say Arsenal is “more CL material” just because you were luckier.

  10. Phil@ Ghyll says:

    @Jules. Is it you?

  11. jules says:

    arsenals History
    2011/12 UEFA Champions League Round of 16 See details 10 6 2 2
    2010/11 UEFA Champions League Round of 16 See details 8 5 0 3
    2009/10 UEFA Champions League Quarter-finals See details 12 7 2 3
    2008/09 UEFA Champions League Semi-finals See details 14 7 3 4
    2007/08 UEFA Champions League Quarter-finals See details 12 7 3 2
    2006/07 UEFA Champions League Round of 16 See details 10 5 3 2
    2005/06 UEFA Champions League Final See details 13 8 4 1
    2004/05 UEFA Champions League Round of 16 See details 8 3 4 1
    2003/04 UEFA Champions League Quarter-finals See details 10 5 2 3
    2002/03 UEFA Champions League Second group stage See details 12 4 5 3
    2001/02 UEFA Champions League Second group stage See details 12 5 1 6
    2000/01 UEFA Champions League Quarter-finals See details 14 7 3 4
    1999/00 UEFA Champions League

    where so champions league you don’t even know it

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