‘I Wouldn’t Be Able To Face My Family Ever Again If I Spat On A Player’ – Arjen Robben Denies Gobbing On Bacary Sagna

Chris Wright

20th, February 2014


By Chris Wright


Arjen Robben has come out and vehemently denied spurious claims that he spat on Bacary Sagna during last night’s Champions League last-16 tie at the Emirates.

Twitter, Facebook and the like were awash with consternation and diatribe last night when television footage appeared to show Robben allowing a dangle of spittle to fall on the French right-back as he lay face-down on the turf, but the Dutch winger has claimed that it was a bead of sweat and nothing more.

What’s more, he’s also declared that he would never spit at an opponent and that he’s be unable to look his children in the eyes again if he ever did…

“It was sweat that dripped from my head. Had I spit, I would not need to come home.”

Bild are also carrying the full quotes from Robben, which read thus:

“I don’t have much hair, and the sweat just dripped off. I must make this clear: I did not spit. I would never do that in my life.

“If I ever did that, you could drag me off the pitch and ban me for 10 games.

“If I ever spat at an opponent, I’d never be able to show my face to my family ever again.”

Pretty adamant.

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  1. Groverider says:

    This is a reprehensible man who has made an entire career of cheating and lying on the pitch, why on earth would you assume he would act otherwise off the football pitch?? I would not ever believe a single word Arjen Robben says. For me how you conduct yourself on the football pitch is an accurate representation of the person and we have all seen enough of Robben over the years to know he is a cowardly craven spineless cheating rat of a man. You cannot ever believe or trust the words of such an individual.

  2. Bakes says:

    @groverider – he likes a dive and a roll around, but thats a bit harsh. I bet whoever you support has someone similar.

  3. Rob says:

    I’d love to hear a TV pundit be really honest and say exactly what you said.

  4. Groverider says:

    @Bakes I’m an Arsenal fan, I freely admit we’ve had players that go down easily and even recently we had that preening narcissist Shagger Giroud letting himself his family not to mention the team down by cavorting with some publicity hungry equally self obsessed gold digging tramp.
    It’s about the truth and I’m dealing with it. If you see it as harsh that’s for you to come to terms with. Arjen Robben has proved throughout his career at every club that he is not a person to be trusted, you just can’t trust such a weak snidey cheat of a man for guaranteed if that’s what he does to get his way on the pitch then it is part of his genetic make up and he act accordingly in life off of the pitch. I bet even his handshake is a limp wet affair the dirty ex chavski scumbag.

  5. Hasselhof says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but saliva usually comes from my mouth, not my chin.

    Groverider, taking this a bit too personally, no?

  6. groverider says:

    @ Hasselhof, no I think on balance I’ve given the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth but thanks for the concern though.
    This is a conclusion I have arrived at after years and years. Not one incident in the heat of the moment last night which my team was involved in Pretty much every game I’ve witnessed him involved in there has been at least one incident which has left an unsavoury taste.

    He’s just an appalling cheat of a man. That’s really all there is to it. I’m amazed there is even any contradiction in opinion on this really. But then peoples’ lack of insight and bad judgement never ceases to astound I guess.

  7. Gattsu says:

    Not Robben’s #1 fan by any means. But to say spitting on a player is part of his character because he internally justifies diving is ridiculous. Him spitting on Sagna makes no sense and it does look to drip from the neck/chin.
    Oh, and he was fouled and Wozza should have been sent off.

    That being said all the best of luck in Munich. Be hoping for a repeat of last year.

  8. fridge says:


  9. man says:

    Grovediver, no one hates Robben the way you hate Robben. Keep up the fight.

  10. Bear says:

    Only Siths deal in absolutes. trololo

  11. Jimjam says:

    This is why I like Bears and not Siths.

  12. Hoop says:


    If you’ve seen any interviews outside football with Didier Drogba, you’ll know he does huge amounts of humanitarian work in the Ivory Coast,is very generous with his money, and also seems to be genuinely nice. If you’ve seen him play football, you’ll also know he goes down easily,feigns injury etc…

    It’s possible to be a ‘cheat’ AND a nice guy.

  13. Jarren says:

    I agree, Hasselhof. The liquid clearly drips from the side of his chin, not his mouth.

    Robben is by no means an angel but I trust his word on this incident.

  14. Marlboro Man says:

    What a pathetic phlegmatic expulsion.

    Smoke some fags, and hack like a REAL man.

  15. Russki says:

    Blimey I never knew Robben wound people up so much – his nefarious skulduggery must have passed me by! Definitely a chin-drip.

  16. Joe says:

    People on here complaining about footballers diving & cheating like it’s the 1930’s. Welcome to the high pressure-low-ethics-eye-watering rewards of modern day football.
    I do think groverider should go back to Relate about the affair Robben had with his wife all those years ago though.

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