Cesc Fabregas Suffers Cracked Fibula, Will Miss Rest Of Season For Arsenal

Ollie Irish

1st, April 2010


By Ollie Irish

Cesc Fabregas‘ domestic season is OVER. It was confirmed this afternoon that the Arsenal skipper fractured his right leg during the Champions League clash against Barcelona on Wednesday evening.

An Arsenal statement read: “Following a scan this afternoon, the club can confirm that Cesc Fabregas has suffered a small crack in his right fibula as a result of the collision with Barcelona defender Carles Puyol during Wednesday evening’s match.

“As a consequence, Cesc will miss the remainder of the domestic campaign as he will be out of action for at six weeks.

“Everyone at the club wishes Cesc a full and speedy recovery.”

Way to treat your Spain team-mate, Carles, you shaggy haired oaf.

It’s a massive dent in Arsenal’s Prem title challenge, not to mention its slim hope of making it all the way in the Champions League. I just hope Cesc recovers in time to go to South Africa this summer. The early word is he will be fine for the World Cup.

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  1. kritter says:

    Poor guy. I, too, hope he ends up in South Africa this summer. How can you not like Cesc? He’s such a committed, talented young player. It’s crazy to think that he’s still only 23. While obviously not as physically gifted as Messi and Ronaldo, I think he sees the field better than both of them and uses his teammates better, also.

  2. Sgoooo says:

    yea it’s puyol’s fault cesc KICKED him and fractured his own. Cesc is an innocent arsenal baby, poor thing……………..

  3. the cannon says:

    FUCK! FUCK! FUCKITY FUCK FUCK! but yea i hope this doesnt cost him south africa. but fuck the prem and CL will be some up-motherfucking-hill battles

  4. the cannon says:

    hey fuck you sgoooo. probably some cunt spuds supporter

  5. Kevin M says:

    Fuck off, Sgoooo. I don’t think any Gooner blames Puyol but if one does then he/she is just as stupid as you are.

  6. spectator says:

    he did hit that penalty kick pretty bloody hard.

  7. Sgoooo says:

    Look i am sorry he misses the rest of the season and heaven forbid the world cup and i would not wish injury on any player, but the article is blaming Puyol when Cesc dived!

  8. Kolo says:

    Yeah sgooo, because air can break your leg now right?

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