Lionel Messi Destroys Arsenal In One Sublime & Ridiculous Half

Ollie Irish

6th, April 2010


By Ollie Irish

Lionel Messi celebrates scoring his second goal against Arsenal

Photo: PA

Posting at half-time in the Lionel Messi vs Arsenal game. Messi has scored a hat-trick already (zoinks!). In the process he put on a clinic in finishing. And it had started so well for the Gunners, with Nicklas Bendtner scoring the first goal from a Theo Walcott assist. But as I Tweeted not long ago: don’t make Barca angry, you won’t like them when they’re angry. Especially Messi, who is winning this one on his own. Literally. Well, almost literally.

I know it’s all too easy to get caught up in the Sky Sports hype machine (Andy Gray talks almost entirely in cliches now), but holy f**k, Leo is astonishing, amazing, awesome, and other adjectives beginning with A.

Now let’s see if Arsenal can keep the score down…

UPDATE: So, 4-1 in the end, with Messi getting his fourth late on. Inter beware.

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  1. Leena says:

    WOW,I liked what you wrote,,

    How CRAZY life is, with MESSI in the world !!!!!!!

    Messi, gretting from saudi arabia ,,

  2. spectator says:

    this is the first time since zidane that the world’s best player wasn’t a complete dick.

    he was immense.

  3. Ben says:

    All this wankfest about Messi.Of course, he is a brilliant player.But i want to see him against good defence.

  4. Michael says:

    Messi is stunning and deserves all the kudos out there…he is playing out of his skull. And I’ve read this (primarily in the English papers, the comments sections to be more specific) that quite a few people keep saying “well, lets see his play a real defense.” Which I take to mean, an English defense. But hasn’t that already happened? And my memory is a bit fuzzy, but didn’t he score a header (?????) against ManU last year in the CL final? If our definition of a “good defense” keeps shifting, then of course he’ll never rate in y’alls book (yes, I’m from Texas and we say “y’all”)

  5. Ben says:

    Ok.I really meant this season, but let`s recall this stunning Messi against Chelsea in the semis.Nothing.And that header in the final was scored at the 70th min.
    And I agree that he is a magic footballer, but all this “he scored 4 goals”, “he`s better than maradona and pele”,”he`s the greatest footballer” are winding me up.
    Let`s recall Ronaldinho with his great play some years ago.Where is he now?

  6. Jim says:

    You want to see him against good defence huh? So nutmegging Fabio Cannavaro the reigning world player of the year and the only defender to ever win the award and to score 3 goals in the same game, the biggest derby in the world. coming off leading a team to a world cup win…is not going against good defence?…at the age of 19? Seriously you english fans are the most ignorant sports fans on the planet, it’s as if football isn’t played outside the british isles. Seriously these “good defence” people talk about english defences as if they were from the 90’s Serie A. And please all you english fans seem to forget messi leaving ashley cole for dead and then dribbling Cole, Terry and Alex in the semis. You see what you want to see. Idiots.

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