Danny Mills Straight Up Accuses Robert Pires Of Introducing Diving To English Football

Chris Wright

16th, February 2016



Photo: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Such is his wont, Danny Mills has gone in hard on Robert Pires and accused the French winger of being solely responsible for introducing diving to English football when he pitched up at Arsenal.

Wibbling on in his Times column, Mills parped:

It is true that there was no love lost between me and Pires. I spent many years playing against him as a right back, for Leeds and Man City, and we had what might be called a fractious relationship.

I will always remember him as the player who, in my view, really brought diving into the English game; his habit of throwing himself to the ground without any provocation always infuriated me.

Now, it should be noted that while Pires was hardly averse to flopping under minimal duress, the man actually responsible for introducing the outrageous dive to the English game was none other than Francis Lee – as can be seen in this damning swatch of footage from 1971…

Think again Danny, you simpering gimp.

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  1. Danny's mother says:

    Well, my boy Mills is probably the worst player to have ever played football in the history of the universe. And now he is almost that bad as a pundit… I think he should be killed and his name erased from the internet like he was never born. Poor lad. My biggest mistake.

  2. Vonslaich says:

    Mills has obviously forgotten about Klinsmann…

    But hey, Mills wasn’t a good defender and he’s an even worse pundit.

    Which is why I guess he makes stupid comments, just so he can get some press.


  3. Maria says:

    He’s clearly talking nonsense, but you can’t say he was a terrible player. You don’t get capped 19 times for England by accident. Oh wait, Carlton Palmer got 18 caps, I stand corrected. Carry on.

  4. syndex says:

    Still love that franny lee gif

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