Man Of His Word: Gary Neville Upholds Promise To Appear On Arsenal Fan TV (Video)

Chris Wright

13th, February 2017



As you may or may not be aware, Gary Neville recently incurred the wrath of Arsenal Fan TV after criticising the ‘Wenger Out’ brigade while co-commentating on the Gunners’ 3-1 defeat against Chelsea a week or so back.

Neville branded one fan “an idiot” for holding up an anti-Wenger placard during the match before going on to criticise Arsenal Fan TV directly after the match, calling the infamously rant-orientated Youtube channel an “embarrassment” to the club.

It didn’t take long for Arsenal Fan TV host Robbie Lyle to exercise his right to reply…

Several interested observers then approached Neville on Twitter and asked if he’d be willing to appear on Arsenal Fan TV in person to fight his corner.

The Sky Sports pundit duly announced that he’d “be very happy to“, vowing to keep up his end of the bargain if the offer ever materialised…

Sure enough, a week down the line, Arsenal Fan TV have released a teaser snippet showing Neville in the belly of the beast…

Personally, we couldn’t care less about Arsenal Fan TV – a braying horde of faux-volatile, painfully self-conscious man-children – have to say on any given matter, but fair play to Neville for sticking to his guns.

Here’s hoping he makes mincemeat out of them (in conversational terms).

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  1. Jarren says:

    What exactly do these supposed Gunners really want?

    Wenger out, clearly.

    Then what? Some miraculous GOD who will instantly make them better than every other team in the Premier League, bringing them easily above the likes of Chelsea, Spurs, City, Liverpool & United up to their “rightful” place as champions?

    They sound deluded.

    They have had consistent Champions League qualification for eons now. They don’t even know what it is to be in the Europa League, because didn’t even exist when they could have dropped down to it.

    Yet they still complain that their team is underachieving. Are they blind? Do they expect some kind of phoenix-like resurgence of the Invincibles?

    Let Wenger retire when he is ready. Show some fucking respect to the man who made your club a class act.

  2. Bruno says:

    The problem with Arsenal is the profile of the players they are buying for the past 10 or 12 years. And that IS Wenger’s fault.
    They are all talented but not “dirty” enough (in the good way) to win anything. You look at their good players, Ozil, Sanchez, they don’t seem to care whether they’re losing or not. They won’t push anyone to perform better, to give 150%.

    Even the most talented teams around (Barca, Bayern, Real) have a few players that – if the talented guys are not performing – they will be on their faces to make sure they up their game. And they have players that can keep a result, if needed.

    I’m not saying Wenger should be sacked. I think he’s great and must stay. But I think he needs to start buying profiles like Ivanovic, Terry, Ibra, Busquets, Ramos, Chielini, Keane, Vieria, Campbell etc. Leaders… people that are not afraid to get dirty to win a football match and guys that would make sure Ozil don’t fade away at Old Trafford or the Stamford Bridge.

    They have the talent. But they need leaders / winners / toughness.

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