Snapshot: Pique & Puyol Pinch Fabregas From Under Arsenal’s Nose

By Chris Wright

Having travelled to England for the Champions League final early to avoid ‘The Ash Part II’, Barcelona’s resident slapstick merry-makers-in-chief, Carles Puyol and Gerard Pique, took time out from training at Arsenal’s London Colney complex to engage in a spot of visual comedy – ‘nicking’ Cesc Fabregas from under Arsene Wenger’s nose…

See what they did there?

Photo: @Carles5Puyol

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  1. Paul says:


  2. Rich says:

    good to see some humour, this made me chuckle

  3. Gooner says:

    These barca cunts are just going over the top now.

    We allow them to use our training facilities for the most important football match of 2011 and this is how they mess around.

  4. TheArse says:

    Is it me or do they just take the piss?

    I agree with Gooner- we let them use our training facilities, they could at least show some respect. Just shows what little class they have.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Xavi was spending all his time there looking for strands of Cesc’s hair so he could provide ‘proof’ of the ‘Barca DNA’ that he keeps going on about.

  5. Ben says:

    You tell ’em Gooner.
    God, this makes me so mad, they think they can come over here, play football, point at a photograph?? Bastards.

  6. Torresmos says:

    Lighten up… it´s just an harmless joke between themselves… gee

  7. Batnasan says:

    Yeah, how dare they mess around, these entitled modern footballers and their senses of humour.

  8. Miguel - NYC says:

    Well, they do call Arsenal Baby Barca (maybe because they take Barca’s young players or because they try to imitate their football)…so i guess they thought they were are home.
    And really, it is a joke…but i guess when you don’t win anything for 6 years anything can turn into an insult. Chill out.

  9. Newcassel says:

    Notice from the photo that they weren’t interested in Torres

  10. Chris says:

    While it may seem that my fellow Arse is being a touch defensive, this is the exact kind of “hilarious” act being pulled throughout the entirety of last summer. Please bear in mind that Gooners may have a right to be a tad touchy on this subject…

  11. jalloh says:

    pique u are a big full

  12. Miau says:

    I wish that nobody would win on Saturday.

  13. AJ says:

    This is a relatively funny joke, nothing to get wound up about surely. If it was the cunts like alves and Busquets doing this it probably would be a different matter though…

    @miau I couldnt agree more

  14. Sex God says:

    Piqué: once had potential Sex God understudy apprentice material.
    Puyol: wanker
    Fàbregas: wanker

  15. Jocabulary says:

    I’m a diehard Gunner and this is really funny. If you’re seriously mad at this you probably need to go outside and get some sun. Keep in mind we’re talking about a bunch of dudes kicking a ball around when it’s all said and done.

  16. Gooner says:

    Fucking bastards.

  17. Calski says:

    @Sex God – It’s getting old now mate.

  18. V says:



  19. fuckbarca says:

    puyol is a women

  20. barca says:

    hey gooner!
    they are just boys with fabo you loser

  21. Fulham89 says:

    well its not like them Gooners gonna win a thing ey? I dont mind taking a piss outta you lads! and I’m bloody fulham! haha hey who made a european finals recently? Us or you lot? ;) haha

  22. Fulham89 says:

    BUT IN RSEPONCE to my previous comment i’m hoping united sends them spaniards crying all the way home. Bloody Barca tossers.

  23. wolfusa says:

    everyone seems to’ve missed the “point”, torres and fabregas are both national teammates, he’s pointing to both of them. that being said, their faces alone warrant all the barca hatred in this comment thread.

  24. ian says:

    Cesc faberegas belongs with Barcelona :)

  25. umadbro? says:

    Can’t tell if Gooner is a troll….

    ..or just really fucking stupid…

  26. Terrarich says:

    Get over yourselves Gooners. It is ok for Wenger to steal away two more Barca youth while hosting Barca, but it is shameful for Puyol & Pique to have a laugh? You lot are just sensitive because you haven’t won much in years and Wenger is still buying up kid instead of veterans.

  27. marseye says:

    where da Respect ?? fucking bastards. band macoumé,
    give Fabregas out at my team ,fucking idiots

  28. Gooner says:

    hey, your right, i’m a tosser. please, ignore me.

  29. ddavid roden says:

    u shit heads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Ryan Giggs says:

    The nerve of these continentals, they should be out shagging prossies and cheating on their WAGS like any self-respecting Prem player would be. They’re entitled to it after all.

  31. jam says:

    People, if Barca would want 2 get Fabregas, they would already have him!!!!. The same way that Madrid got the “Super Star” Ronaldo….. let the armless pictures speak for what they are: Armless humor from 2 of the best players in the world!! Chill out people, this football thing is still jut a game, last time I checked!

  32. the tank says:

    they can take fabregas now! cesc deserves such a team!
    they actually brought red nose to tears, they maybe wankers off the pitch, but on the pitch, full respect to ’em
    plus there is a small matter of Pique having shakira for his midnight meal every night – LEGEND!

  33. mumi says:

    they came, they saw, and they gotten cesc

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