Snapshot: Mopey Cesc Fabregas No Like Arsenal? Or No Like Rain?

Chris Wright

5th, August 2011


By Chris Wright

The photo above lit a bit of a fire under Arsenal fans yesterday when, after the club held an open training session, several papers published it along with captions reading somewhere along the lines of ‘Cesc is a mardy arse who hates Arsenal and obviously wishes he was fondling dolphins with Barcelona 4,500 miles away in Miami’ – the argument being that it was little more than a single, isolated snapshot of Fab merely looking glum while getting drenched to the bone in torrential rain rather than a glimpse into his very soul.

Thank the lord then that a fresh batch of photos has emerged today of young Fabregas training alongside his Arsenal colleagues once again, this time looking like he’s deliriously high on life in North London at the moment…


[Photos: PA]