Champions League: Udinese 1-2 Arsenal – Worst…Match Report…Ever (Photos & Highlights)

Chris Wright

25th, August 2011


By Chris Wright

Hands up, I watched the game in the boozer last night and, in direct correlation, can remember next to nothing about the match save isolated moments of semi-lucid clarity – though the order is a little hazy.

Here are my ‘notes’, verbatim…

“Di Natale’s forward roll was nice touch, SHOULD ALLOW DI NATALE’S OFFSIDE VOLLEY TO STAND ON QUALITY CONTROL GROUNDS, worrying that Vermaelen had broken again when he lay slumped on the touchline.

“Woodwork, woodwork again.

“Handanovic double save, Di Natale scores good header (’39) for a dwarf – actually, he’s not that short for an Italian.

“Walcott should try not being a timid deer on an icy lake, RVP goal (’55) exposes grey hair. Szczczczczczesny’s incredible penalty save (head too big for body? it matters little) Woodwork. Walcott scores! (’69) That’s better Bambi!”

How’s that for a match report? Yep, it’s the pits.

The main point to take home is that Arsenal won 3-1 on aggregate and therefore booked themselves a place in the Champions League group stage, with the draw set to take place later this afternoon.

Photos (click thumbs for larger images)…

Highlights (catch them while you can)…

Photos: PA