What’s The Deal With Zlatan Ibrahimovic And Gerard Pique?

By Ollie Irish

Loud ‘Could they be gay?!’ rumblings in the Spanish press due to this recent photo of Zlatan and Pique. The Barcelona duo were snapped during what looks very much like a tender moment between lovers.

A couple of caveats:

1. When it comes to displays of physical affection between same-sex friends, not everyone is as repressed as us English. In Spain, straight men kiss each other! Deal with that, Daily Mail readers

2. The camera lies, all the time

Still, it’s no suprise that the pic has generated a good deal of chatter. Barca haven’t yet commented on it. What’s your take on it?

I’m just shocked that Zlatan would have time for anyone in his life but Zlatan.

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  1. busker rhymes says:

    they could be on a beach, in a fragrance advert
    ‘i just cant quit you zlatan’
    maybe piques just giving ibra striking tips?

  2. Nay says:

    Maybe they were just having a thumb (not to confuse with bum) war!

  3. gamblino says:

    fuck all

  4. Chris says:

    Oh Pique, what a pity
    You don’t understand.
    You take me by the heart
    When you take me by the hand.

  5. Ollie says:

    Ha, LOL at Chris!

  6. Spanish says:

    Men do not kiss in Spain (gays aside) unless they are brothers, cousins, father and son or something like that. I heard that in Russia men kiss to each other instead of handshaking, but not in Spain. Certainly that photo looks very homoerotic, but I think it shows just affection.

  7. bob says:

    omg they r gay

  8. SF says:

    “maybe piques just giving ibra striking tips?”

    I’d lean more towards them making plans to touch tips.

  9. Ruperto says:

    I Think That They Were Giving The Hand Shake Hug Thing(Don’t Know What Its Called)and Then When Pique Was Leaning Back He Stoped To Say Something And Thats When They Took The Pic Thats What I Think

  10. albaboy says:

    Zlatan Gayovic and Gerard Pigay their Goal to change the term Football in Gayball :-P

  11. The Boss says:

    so diz is MES QUE UN CLUB stand for? lmao
    i think diz is fake
    they made diz up

  12. Tr@vi3sO says:

    i think dere gay..jajaja lol

  13. Fernand says:


  14. Mickey says:

    Hey, Ruperto, I think you may be on to something there. Now that you pointed it out, I can totally see it! Tabloids love that kind of ambiguity in photos. Given that paparazi take photos rapid-fire like machine guns, they could have pulled the one that turned a totally innocent exchange into something much more sensational.

  15. Anonymous says:

    This is taken by a Barsa Fan not a Paparazzo… and Pique is famous for his jokes in the shower…. and no in Spain not all the men kiss…

  16. Fernando says:

    I believe Mickey is right, paparazis take hundreds of pictures a minute and they must have caught this one image that looks like something it is not. These guys are both married and straight, this paparazi must be paid by Real Madrid. What a Joke. No way these gentleman are gay. It is a shame how the press can ruin someone’s reputation with a picture.

  17. Pv says:

    Haha u naive fuckers! They r gay, that is cool, super cool. Get over it

  18. zano says:

    Nice theory Ruperto, but if it were a handshake hug, Ibra wouldnt be leaning on the car, he’d be leaning into Pique.

    I can only opine that they are gay for eachother. And Ibra is the bitch. lol

  19. john says:

    im pretty sure zlatan is just emotionally upset that a centre back has proved to be a far better striker then him

  20. Marlo says:

    This is it. This is really it.

    Big Zlatan what are you doing to me?

    Mans is not impressed. Confirmed.

  21. Ibra-is-fuckin-gay says:

    Look at all the barca fanboys making up weird theories for them not being gay HAHAHAHHAH

    shut the fuck up they are as gay as they come and you know it

  22. JC Chavez says:

    Zoltan Ibrahimovic was a terrible signing for Barcelona. What was Guardiola thinking?

  23. Delon says:

    Seeing ’em like that i get misty… Down there.

  24. Barbara says:

    I love them both! I wish I could have anyone of them for one night.

    21 goals, 16 assists in debut season.
    Scored in the biggest football match on planet earth, el classico.
    Scored against one of Barca’s biggest rivals, Aspanyol.
    Made Arsssenal look mediocre.
    Scored in all away games in the knockout stage both in CL and Copel Del Rey, apart from Inter.
    Barca have won the most away games in their history and should they come on top against Sevilla, Barca would have broken another record in getting the most away points in La Liga history. (Ibra was a big factor).
    Barca have officially broken the previous record of most points in a season, and are edging closer to an even higher margin.


    It is due to Ibra’s presence and attention, that both Pedro and Messi have benefited from the most. Messi is the top scorer in all of Europe and is on course to breaking all sorts of records.
    Great purchase by Barca, and next year, it could only get better.

    Pique is simply put, the world’s greatest central defender. At a tender age of 23, Pique has marshaled a Barca side to trophies after trophies, so much so, that overrated and overpaid primodonna’s likes of Terry and Rio could only dream of and all this for a bargain price of 5 million!


  25. spectator says:

    well, zlatan has to score somewhere.

    am i right people? ZING! (cough).

  26. El chico says:

    zlatan is worried about his barca career and pique is just comforting him telling him not to worry and stuff. we all do that when we talk to a close mate who has gone thru rough times recently, just that theres no body to snap you in doing so

  27. Gooner365 says:

    hahahaha Spectator!!!

  28. zing says:

    you guys are bunch of haters just assuming anything you you see get a fuckin proof than say what you really know ignorant fuckers

  29. vasko says:

    they are not gay

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  31. Mr Muez says:

    It a well known fact that Puyol sodomizes Messi each time he scores a goal…

  32. Rafa says:

    they are gay, why would they b acting.

  33. Ricky Martin says:

    I love this picture.

  34. Ricky Martin says:

    Living la vida loca

  35. Daniel says:

    C’mon dude, Pique’s shirt is actually reflected on the car, that’s why the pic seems not to be photoshop…

  36. John says:

    I don’t think football has FAGS….

  37. Аеоп says:

    irahimowich is angry and pique only comforts him, and she claims shall check what is ….. stupid journalist’s

  38. jdm says:

    So that’s why Alex Ferguson got rid of Pique..

    I bet he went mental when he stumbled upon Pique and Tevez sucking each other off!!

  39. Anonymous says:


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  41. Maya says:

    This is just a very beautiful picture!

  42. James Leal says:

    Its Kubica, not Ibrahimovic

  43. Mikal says:

    Fuck.. media today! Bunch of idiots, all of them journalists.

    Gay or not? How is this important at all?

    I mean; if they say that they aren’t gay, why would someone think they are lying? Are todays journalists and bloggers a bunch of 8-year olds, or what?

    Fucking ridiculous, all of it!

  44. Booji says:

    I think it is disgraceful that people are so backward they are worried about two men being gay in this day and age. It does not matter if they are gay because there is nothing wrong with it, but I swear neither of there are gay. It was a sneaky picture, taken from the wrong angle. Barca has no gay players. Both of them are proper men, not dirty queer men.

    • adam says:

      You think it’s disgusting that people have a problem with gay people and then refer to homosexuals as “dirty queer men” and not “proper” men? Are you serious?

  45. roland says:

    if tehy’re so happily married why does Zlatan ask a lady reporter that confronts him with the picture to come home with him and bring her sister so he can show them he’s not gay?

  46. svensken says:

    hehe, I am married too and gay.

  47. Wait a minute, I’m from Spain and yes, Spaniards kiss each other on the cheeck (members of the same sex), but only if you are family, after a goal, or after you haven’t seen a really close friend for a long time. Dear friends, this two are up to something. I was talking to friends of mine from Spain and we all agree. THIS IS NOT NORMAL.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Nice car!

  49. Oliver says:

    Wish people would take into consideration that this is Zlatan’s first season in La Liga. Barring his lame performances against Inter (the whole Barca side was bad), he’s had a perfectly acceptable debut season. 21 goals so far.

  50. Adir says:

    This is why Barcelona want’s Robiniho (he’s also gay) hahaha

  51. 70goalsaseason says:

    this pic is just freaky…

  52. micho_zlatan says:


  53. moises says:

    turns out that this pic was taken rite after ibrahimovic was informed that he will not be part of the club the following season. pique was just being a good guy and trying to console a disstraught ibrahimovic

  54. Chris says:

    Nice looking car with some awesome wheels though!

  55. Male Piquet Fan says:

    Pique was just being a good guy. Really? I wish he was a good guy and came to my home and took that good care of me too. Look at that derriere!

  56. crymeafucking riverudiots says:

    “why does Ibra say he wants to take the reporter and her sister home if he is happily married”

    BECAUSE the fucking bitch reporter was nagging about the pic while Ibra at first ignored her but then he got fed up and said that to shut her up he wasnt being serious he would never take that ugly chick home,he already got a hoter wife at home and she probably laughed at the reporter too for thinking Ibras serious!

    I laughed so hard when he said: come to my house and youll see if im gay and she said : “I will!!!!!” then comes the: and bring ur sister too part and she got broken hahahaha! Ibra is awesome

  57. joe says:

    Wat a pair of cock suckers !!

  58. joe says:

    don’t think anybody will be dropping the soap bar in the Barca showers.

  59. Balls magie says:

    What a bunch of gayyyyyyys!!! Your my boy aren’t cha choooooo

  60. Anonymous says:

    fuck to the one who put this pic..cuz its not true !!:S

  61. The Truth says:

    The story behind the picture is that Zlatan gave Pique the finger (as a joke) earlier at the press conference of the release of Piques Autobiography (23y/o). After the training Pique told him he dident apreciate his joke as seen on the picture.

  62. Enzo says:

    Porshe Panamera! the best car around at the min in my taste. Zlat also sports a Ferrari Enzo FX, Porshe Carrera GT, Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, Audi Q7, Ferrari 360, Volvo C30, just 7 cars.

  63. The Truth says:

    This picture was taken several weeks agoo after the press conference of Piques autobiography. Zlatan had given Pique “the finger” as a joke to put him out of focus during his presentation. Pique afterwards, seen here on the picture told him that he dident appreciate the joke next to Zlatans car as he was leaving. The picture was taken bu a Swedish journalist and put in the webcast Laul Calling where they explain the whole REAL story.

  64. Nedret says:

    Fuck that reporter who made this photo.she never been a part of any team work as a socker players.who respect each other.and feel sorrow for each other.if she lose her job and her father give her a hug of suport.he may fucking her.

  65. Dave says:

    Utter ignorant cunts on here with the homophobic abuse, and they say we have moved on since the middle ages

  66. Jane says:

    Who cares! All straight men like cock.

  67. ibra fan says:

    So what if they are gay?! How does that affect the football that they play? Its bcos of this attitude that a lot of people are still in d closet

  68. Barca fan says:

    Thiss is not trueee Pigue and Ibra are not gay some poeple do’t get that in there head !!!!!!!!!

  69. Barca fan says:


  70. Huso Bosnian says:

    you’re all just a bunch of sad idiots making a stupid story out of nothing. Don’t have nothing better to do?

    First they’re gay and have feelings for each other then it’s that Zlatan is distraught and having a sook about leaving Barcelona. What a joke mate.

    Only those 2 know what the convo was about and it’s none of our business. Unless you see a guy kissing a another guy in the lips or sucking him off do us a favour and stop coming up with these pathetic stories.

  71. Huso Bosnian says:

    you’re all just a bunch of sad idiots making a stupid story out of nothing. Don’t have nothing better to do?

    First they’re gay and have feelings for each other then it’s that Zlatan is distraught and having a sook about leaving Barcelona. What a joke mate.

    Only those 2 know what the convo was about and it’s none of our business. Unless you see a guy kissing a another guy on the lips or sucking him off do us a favour and stop coming up with these pathetic stories.

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  73. chris says:

    Can’t believe the homophobia on here. Anyone who posts homophobic comments should sit down and have a think about exactly why they are so upset and angry about the thought of homosexuality. Perhaps they are afraid of their own feelings. The propagation of prejudice is what will stop civilisation from advancing.

  74. iro says:

    I don’t bloody care if they’re Spanish or Arabians. THIS PIC IS AS GAY AS HELL!!! It can’t get any “gayer” than this. Am i the only one who sees the tender and romantic look in their eyes? You Homophobes can deny it as much as you like. But the Picture says it all.

  75. kevin says:

    pique is gay and doesnt have a girlfriend but ibra is married and he woudtn cheat on her and his son for anything

  76. Neroli says:

    Whether there’s anything sexual to it or not, it’s cute. It’s nice to see guys show a sensitive side and let down their guard with each other.

  77. Zlatan says:

    Im Not gay

  78. Pique says:

    Yes we are. Dont hide it Zlatan. We are in love ;)

  79. milani says:

    ‘We are in love’ Pique are u fuckin insane dude were trying to clear ur name dont fucking screw

  80. s.a. says:

    this is all bull shit! i dont believe that! they r both cool guys. what a foolishness, folly!!!!!! and tere r peolple u believi this shit!!!!!! omg!!!!!give it up, peole

  81. s.k. says:

    i’m pretty sure this was take after zlatan was leaving the team, so pique was just being nice :) probably just being a good friend cause in countries like spain with a rich culture, friends, whether they are same sex or opposite, are very affectionate and sometimes intimate.

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  83. Melissa says:

    There’s no way Pique can be gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Vic says:

    Looks photoshopped!

  85. Vic says:

    he must have been standing farther.

  86. Gabsis says:

    Everyone thinks these guys are hot and manly and bla bla bla. Im sure that more than 10% including this guy and Cristiano Ronaldo are a bunch of fruit cakes. Metrosexual my ass!!

  87. Or says:

    Pique is threatening Ibra, who looks shit scared. He’s got that “Tim Robbins in Reservoir Dogs” after he’s been shot look down.

  88. BB says:

    Haha Piqué sometimes had a girlfriend but they’re no longer together. I have seen pictures when he is kissing her. Google it!
    They both are not gay! That’s a stupid story out of nothing!

  89. HA HA HA says:

    Oh my Gawd!!
    Don’t you know…all footballers are gay. Haven’t you seen the way they hug each other…piling on top of each other…and their hands…their hands all over each other…eww
    It pains just to think of what will happen to all the kids who adore them….*sniff*

    lol:) seriously get a life ppl!

  90. :D says:

    The Picture Shows Everythings ,,
    as i thought ,, Just Look in their Eyes ,,
    And Stop Saying The Same Story ,, What f Zlatan Leave the Time ,,
    what the Points Of Pique Doing this Look with Him ,,
    i mean Why Didnt He Just Hug Him ,for leaveing the Team ,
    But Whos Knows maybe they Are Gay ,Maybe Not , :P

  91. will says:

    this is a normal pic for people in spain,midle east,indonesia and some other country but not in usa,england..can any one explain why?????

  92. SA says:

    Will, probably because people in those countries are even more stupid and homophobic than the people in the other countries you mentioned, and are so full of prejudice that men being affectionate is either seen as ‘gay’ or a total threat to somebody sat behind a conmputer if it IS gay. I’ wager none of th homophbes on here have ever eveb MET and out gay person much less got to know one. Are these guys gay? Could be, who knows in football. Could be lots of ’em.

  93. SA says:

    “Stuart Jackson says:

    May 13, 2010 at 2:42 pm

    Shit stabbers”


    Garbage. You’d hit it if it came onto you in a club after a few pints.

  94. eso says:

    ibra isnt gay

  95. Demi says:

    OMG!! Gerard Pique is not gay !! i cant Belif it !!
    مستحيل يكون هالخبر صحيح!! برووح لتويتر وبسأله يا رب يرد

  96. Anonymous says:

    F**k The Reporter, Cuss This Crap Ain’t True Believe Me I Live,Eat, & Sleep For Barca. Not Like Sergio Ramos Gay Ass On A Gay Magazine Or Like Ronaldo Painting His Nails Black!!

  97. Gracia says:


  98. b_fly says:

    people, what’s wrong with you?
    so what if they are gay?
    just ask yourself: SO WHAT? do you even have answer for that?

    in both ways, they had to tell to public that they aren’t gay, because most of the football world is homophobic and primitive.

    the explanation that gerard was gentle to zlatan sucks, because zlatan was holding gerard’s hand, and not the other way around.

    also, opinion that zlatan isn’t gay because he have wife and 2 kids – means shit. 74% of gays in USA have wife and kids. in europe is pretty much the same, probably.
    we are talking about a guy whose parents are from balkan, and believe me, here (i’m from balkan) parents still raise their kids like being gay is something sick. and also, he’s a footballer. so, he will never confess that he’s gay, if he is.

    eather way, they look really cute. :)

  99. Smithy says:

    Actual conversation..(i think is not gay..)

    Zlatan: I’m leaving barcelona.

    Pique:(with that look into his eye n that tender touch on his hand) : No ..i wont allow you to say that word anymore ..im not gonna let you leave no matter what.

  100. Anonymous says:

    you stink

  101. Anonymous says:

    Actual conversation..(i think is not gay..)

    Zlatan: I’m leaving barcelona.

    Pique:(with that look into his eye n that tender touch on his hand) : No ..i wont allow you to say that word anymore ..im not gonna let you leave no matter what.

    Pique: “Now kiss me you fool.”

    Gay or not they are both great players. Zlatan will still be my fav no matter what his preference.

  102. Anonymous says:

    there’s a huge difference between north american and european culture. i think people should understand that. for example, if you watch european and north american soccer, you’d understand the difference they greet and cheer for each other. people assume 2 people are gay because of the way they treat each other. don’t let the camera fool you.

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  104. bobo says:

    Naw, they’re at it all right. I totally believe they’re secret lovers.

  105. Ara says:

    Are they really gay?
    Oh my God…
    I like Pique,
    I’m so disappointed.. :(

  106. Chuck says:

    What difference does this makes to Piquet’s footballing ability?
    Poor choice in men, perhaps.
    Good footballer?

    This is the 21st century and we shouldn’t allow the bigots to take us back to the 15th.

  107. Cassious says:

    lookin at this picture i think they are a pair of arse bandits..!

  108. Anonymous says:

    no ther not gay pique told ibrahimovic dont worry about pep gardiola

  109. Mr. Angry says:

    fucking cocksuckers!

  110. Anonymous says:

    Ur average player in a great team so be quiet u Man U reject!!!

  111. Anonymous says:

    U Queer!!!!!

  112. Alice says:

    Two men together is soo hot. I wish i wasn’t a woman. Homoerotica rules.

  113. melis says:

    There’s no way that pique is gay! He’s Spanish, they are more affectionate, get over it!

  114. renata says:

    pique is not gay!!!
    that picture does not tell anything its just a simple picure!!!!

  115. ximena says:

    i love pique so much!!!!!!!!!!

    and he is not gay!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. Faiaz says:

    The media uses people as God damn lambs. Look at the attention that picture is getting, which is exactly what the photographer and his company aimed at achieving. Besides, who cares about gay or not gay. I think it’s pretty gay for guys to even worry about another man being gay or not. If you feel some pathetic form of satisfaction by saying they are gay then you are just jealous. GROW UP!

  117. Mr. Angry says:


  118. Mr. Angry says:


    i think your one of those butt munchers aswell arent ya?

  119. TonyAllenSucks says:

    It is SOOOO obvious that Pique is photoshopped into that pic! Funny… but not real at all.

  120. piquelove says:

    if pique is gay, im ready to get married :)) and that goes for the other one as well :)

  121. mannoory says:

    i don’t know but ibrahimovic has a wife and gerard pique has a girlfriend thay not gay!!

  122. mannoory says:

    OH my gad i dont know is that reall??!!

  123. shaheen ahmed says:

    I Love Gay People Love From Shaheen Il Let Ibrahimovic Fuck Me Anyday <3 <====3

  124. Ryan says:


    ” no man, you do it this way “

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  126. […] her song, “Whenever Wherever?” Wasn’t Zlatan bff’s with Pique at one point (click here)? I am not implying anything…just […]

  127. pretty kitty says:

    pretty :D

  128. Ann says:

    Ok. There is no thing to this, just a kodak moment. And…. I may be blind, but I don’t think pique is that cute. So stop drooling people!

  129. Anonymous says:

    fuuk u alll

  130. funkyshit says:

    I took Zlatan’s virginity ;)

  131. 20v says:

    Of course this is a scam, obviously the picture as been altered in some way..and yes they are married men, why would they do something as stupid as that???? The media is always up to something

  132. Sandrah says:

    i saw a photo of Piquè kissing Fabrigas in a pool or smth,bt they dint hv clothes on. cnt b seen intimately with guys in more than 1 photo n b straight

  133. Lara says:

    There have been many married men, who after many years they come out saying they are gay at the end. This could be the case for these two guys, but only time will tell. Maybe their women are so in love with these guys they don’t want to face it.

  134. Tina says:

    They look a little gay. Gay people are nice though.

  135. Bob says:

    It looks like two lovers who had a fight, period end of story

  136. Jan says:

    First of all they are probably not gay – if anything they are rather bi – there are surprisingly many guys who are bi….perhaps even mostly into girls but also into guys on the side…..

    It may also just be a moment of comfort – actually Zlatan looks a bit sad – what if for instance an uncle died or so? wouldn’t you then expect teammates to show compassion?

  137. defy logic says:

    Pique is the gay one, either that or both of them are but for me it looks like Ibra is backed up against the car and he is just being told something to cheer him up but Pique is doing it in an uber gay way. The hand grip is a normal grip but again Pique is standing in a very gay manner and much too close so what is Ibra expected to do, push him away.

  138. nath says:

    a question, is pique as tall as ibra?

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