Blackburn 0-1 Wigan: Joyful Scenes At Ewood As Rovers Relegated (Photos & Highlights)

By Chris Wright

There were joyful, joyful scenes at Ewood Park last night, where Blackburn were relegated from the Premier League after losing 1-0 to Wigan. Bunting was hoisted, clothing was removed, devilled eggs and ginger ale were passed round and everyone present congratulated Steve Kean and Venkys on their efforts with a big singsong on the pitch after the game – someone even bought their chicken along to join in the end-of-season festival of sheer delirious happiness…

“Err, you going to eat that?”


Photos: PA

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That chicken was the only highlight

  2. Graham says:

    Football fans are such divas sometimes, all that Blackburn Rovers RIP bollocks?! They’re only going down to The Championship, ain’t that badder league!

    With their crowds and general lacklustre support they’re not going to missed by many in The Prem either, give me the likes of Swansea or Norwich instead of them anyday!

  3. gamblino says:

    What a bunch of absolute retards.

  4. lfc_man says:

    A chicken company shouldn’t be running a football club. Rather twisted humour by the fans.

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