Smart New Blackburn Shirt To Be Sold Without Sponsor – Can Be Ironed On At Later Date

By Chris Wright

Presenting: the best thing that Blackburn have done in a while, their really rather gorgeous new Umbro strip for 2012/13…

Notice something missing there? That’s right, the Championship arm patches.

You may have also noticed the lack of sponsor. This is due to the club not actually having one in place at the moment.

As such, the shirt will be sold without an ‘orrible gaudy logo plastered across the front along with a voucher which entitles the buyer to have the logo ironed on at the club shop as and when a sponsor is announced –  should the fan in question wish to sully such a beautiful jersey for some reason.

Personally, we prefer it plain (it’s available from should you wish to purchase it).

While we’re talking Blackburn kits, we have it on good authority that the away kit is Celtic-style green and white hoops. Seems Steve Kean’s influence runs even deeper than we thought!


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  1. NotPotter says:

    They did this last season as well because Princes Trust weren’t confirmed as sponsors until after the release of the shirt. Interesting choice of models though…

  2. Milkchew says:

    David Dunn there carrying a little extra lumber.

  3. momo says:

    very decent shirt, shit club

  4. Anonymous says:

    The away kit was a mock-up on Twitter. It’s fake.

  5. tenblackalps says:

    Not a Rovers supporter but that is a mint kit! Would love a similar shirt for Sunderland next season but for more or less we are switching to adidas as our new kit supplier

  6. pray4muamba says:

    birmingham city did this season. none of the shirts were sold with sponsors although they switched sponsor every couple of months. it looks better, loses the whole walking billboard style

  7. Pedant's Revolt. says:

    Presenting: the best thing that Blackburn have done in a while, *they’re* really rather gorgeous new Umbro strip for 2012/13…


  8. wolfinho says:

    the only thing i don’t like is that they go through the trouble of making it plainly beautiful and then add the little back-shoulder detail to ruin it just a little. is there a voucher to have that removed? nitpicking, i know…

  9. Mars bar says:

    Nice shirt
    crap team

  10. RTID says:

    I’ll never wear it won’t be surprised to find Venky’s on it when nobody will sponsor us and that fat f**k can piss off as well.

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