Photos: Liverpool 2-1 Blackburn – Rafa Mocks Big Sam

Ollie Irish

1st, March 2010


By Ollie Irish

Rafa’s burgeoning feud with Big Sam is a lot of fun, and it gives the Fat Waiter a chance to showcase his excellent grasp of sarcasm. After a squeaky win against robust Blackburn Rovers (who picked up five bookings and committed 25 fouls), Rafa came up with this gem:

“If they (Blackburn) are pleased with the way they play under this manager, it is their decision.

“We won so they have to be thinking about whether the style is good or not. I think it is a model for all the managers around the world, their style of football, his (Allardyce’s) behaviour.

“It is the perfect model for all the kids and I’m sure all parents will enjoy this model and encourage their kids to be the same.

“The style of football I think Barcelona are thinking of copying.”

Rafa, thanks for that.

Photos from Anfield:


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Liverpool's Fernando Torres (right) and Blackburn Rovers' Christopher Samba (left) battle for the ball in the air.

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  1. Philando Torres says:

    This is not a new sentiment, but Sam Allardyce is a bell end.

  2. oller says:

    I think Rafa is more than entitled to this pop…

    When he had a dig at Rafa last season because Ferguson clearly asked him to try and complain and make a big deal of that meaningless gesture, pathetic.

    And he moans about having the most fouls against them in a game, when I’m pretty sure they’re in the top3 if not top fouling side in the league. As were Bolton in Sam’s day, spotting a trend…..

  3. Luke Rowe says:

    This is all class

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  5. Chris Clarke says:

    Have to stand up here. Look at the fair play table and rovers are bottom half but nowhere near the worst. Yes we committed 25 fouls but not all of them should have been. Time and time again people assume we are a dirty because of BFS when in reality he is assembling a side which is very young and exciting – kalinic, nzonzi, hoilett, lingzani. BFS is buying young and talented it just takes sometime when you cant afford to spend more than £6m a season (and that was after selling RSC). While the fat waiters comments are quite funny he really should concern himself with looking upwards rather than down at a club nowhere near his in quality or resources. Well done Rafa you scraped a result against a team that Arsenal, Chelsea and Man U have knocked 6,5, and 4 against. He should be better than this but as he is having such a dire season he needs every victory both personal and for the team. COYB.

  6. Bikram says:

    bollocks, chris! Rafa is not the one who started the latest “feud” with Fergie’s puppet. He spoke about Bolton’s style over 5 years ago, and after that, every single time, Allardyce has started talking. He spoke before the game last year saying Rafa loved to have a moan and a whinge, and then, unprovoked, in collaboration with Ferguson went beneath the belt in his attack on Rafa’s gesture. Rafa is usually above these personal attacks. Even his rant against Ferguson was based not on personal battles, but rather the fact that Ferguson seemed to get away with murder (And still does!) and first spoke against Liverpool.

    Allardyce’s style is the reason Blackburn have such a hard time filling up their seats. You guys were lucky Nzonzi didn’t get sent off, that foul on Lucas was a clear red. And yes, we’re having a dire season, but Allardyce isn’t even in Benitez’s class as a manager or human being.

  7. roversok says:

    It’s not ROVERS fault, Liverpool cannot help it, they are in turmoil on and off the pitch a two man team at best,They are trying there best for a top three position in the “WE ARE NOT AS GOOD AS THE TOP FOUR MINI LEAGUE” below Man U, Arsenal, Man City, and Chelsea.
    Liverpool will always complain when a team that as won the PREMIERSHIP plays them

  8. Chris Clarke says:

    Bikram i wont argue with you (too much) as i dont think ill bring you round (not sure why, if i was a liverpool fan id be pretty sick of Benitez – surely he has to go?) I cannot defend nzonzi – should have gone but that isnt an example of our style. Dont comment on what you dont know though. I hate it when ppl say we cant fill our stadium becasue of our football. We cant fill our stadium because we have the smallest catchment area in the league.Blackburn is not a city, its a town, and not a big one at that. It is a poor area. Coupled with that fact that so many NW teams in the league. We have a population of 105,000. This means that in theory a quarter of our population watches us on a good day. Sorry, this point is a totally different rant altogether but you get my point :)

  9. oller says:

    For the record…

    432 – Blackburn have committed more fouls than any other Premier League side in 2009-10. Rambunctious.

    Fair play just looks at bookings, which isn’t a true reflection.

    Nothing against Bolton/Blackburn, just against the moaning big mouthed bully.

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