Premier League Photos: Arsenal 4-2 Bolton – Gunners Go Top, Gallas Goes Over The Top

Ollie Irish

21st, January 2010


By Ollie Irish



Arsenal are top of the league. There, I said it. That wasn’t easy. I’m off for a hot shower, using a wire brush to clean myself…

… Okay, I’m back. As I said, Arsenal are top of the Prem. What does this mean? It means they haven’t missed Robin van Persie anything like as much as I thought they would – mainly because Cesc Fabregas has picked up the slack and played like a demon. He has added steel and grit to his game, which in turn seems to have rubbed off on the whole team – that’s the way leadership works (see Roy Keane).

Thanks mostly to Cesc, the 09/10 vintage appears to have more self-belief than any Arsenal squad since The Invincibles. Whether or not that means they can win the title… who knows? My money would still be on Chelsea, with Arsenal second and Man Utd third.

That’s just my opinion – the thing is, Arsenal have proved to the doubters that they CAN win the title. Interesting times. In a perverse way – perverse because I’m a Spud – I’d rather Arsenal won it than Man Yoo or Chelsea, if only for the change. Time for another shower…

The other talking point from last night’s game was Billy Gallas’s nasty tackle on Mark Davies, which Owen Coyle has since branded an “assault“. Gallas is not a particularly nasty player (sly maybe), but it was a bad challenge. At least Arsene Wenger apologised for it. And, as Arseblog points out, “Bolton complaining about fair play is a bit like a burglar who tries to sue you when you clatter him across the head with a baseball bat when you find him in your house.” (I laughed.)

Still, Gallas should have been sent off, but he wasn’t, and Davies is still walking, so let’s move on. Owen Coyle, for one, will be delighted to see the back of Arsenal.

Pics from the Emirates below:


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The Arsenal team pause for a minute's silence to remember the victims of the earthquake in Haiti

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  1. dan says:

    you mess with the bigboys you get hurt, matty taylor was a cunt in the 1st game, just shows you we will not take your northern shit, crap team going down

  2. Ray in SF says:

    First time on your website, I laughed. Thank You.

    As a Gooner I will also take a hot showee, but it was worth it

    Arseblogger also mentioned that Bolton very soon after the equalizer played-on when one of their own men was down

    Hypocrites indeed

  3. Ray in SF says:

    oops, shower not showee, although weeing in the shower is not unheard of?

  4. Adrian says:

    Gallas’s foul wasnt bad. it is just like usual one so the equalizer is not controversial.

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