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  • Buy your Basingstoke Town bodywarmers now November 13th, 2006 Kits & fashion

    You can celebrate giantkilling Basingstoke Town‘s FA Cup victory over Chesterfield at the weekend by buying your very own club bodywarmer. The chunky navy and yellow sleeveless puffa jacket will be perfect for keeping you warm when Basingstoke visit Chelmsford City or Aldershot in the next round. It isn’t available online, but if you call […]

  • Armchair football pundit t-shirt from DJ Tees November 6th, 2006 Kits & fashion

    If you love nothing better than pretending to be Alan Hansen from the comfort of your own living room, this t-shirt might be up your street. Tell it like it is in a t-shirt that tells it like it is with this Armchair Football Pundit design from DJ Tees. It will set you back £17.90 […]

  • Monkey Mag Launched Today November 1st, 2006 Kits & fashion

    Monkeys are ace aren’t they? Firstly, they’re the funniest creatures in the zoo. Secondly, some of them are fantastic in films (just look at Any Which Way but Loose). They also let us get up to no good with their clever invention of ‘monkey business’. Well, keeping in theme, a new lad rag called Monkey […]

  • Classic World Cup logo t-shirts from Retro League October 30th, 2006 Kits & fashion

    This Deutschland 1974 t-shirt is one of a range from Retro League featuring logos from classic World Cups. The collection also includes t-shirts for Argentina 1978 and Mexico 1986. The stylish shirts are also slim-fitting as an extra nod to the period. Click here to buy it. [Via Retro to Go] [Rob Parker] You have […]

  • Never Mind The Bollix Here’s Roy Keane t-shirt from September 26th, 2006 Kits & fashion

    TShirts365 have come up with an interesting Sex Pistols take on Roy Keane‘s honeymoon period at Sunderland (which presumably went to the printer before Saturday’s 3-1 defeat to Ipswich). The slogan says: "Never Mind The Bollix Here’s Roy Keane." If you are a Blacks Cats’ fan (or even a Mackems’ fan if you are stuck […]

  • Pro Evolution Soccer 6, the greatest thing in the history of the universe September 26th, 2006 Kits & fashion

    I firmly believe that Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series is the greatest in the history of video games. And if you disagree with me, not only are you wrong, but I refuse to acknowledge your existence. I’ve played every one in the PES series, which explains why I’m currently as excited as a small boy […]

  • Liverpool striker Dirk Kuyt desperately tries to flog his official merchandise September 25th, 2006 Kits & fashion

    Here at Pies we are big fans of player websites. Imagine if Ashley Cole had been able to let off some steam on a website and tell fans what he was thinking instead of bottling it all up to put in his book! Anyway, that’s all in the past now. In the present is […]

  • Carlos Tevez t-shirt from TShirts365 September 20th, 2006 Kits & fashion

    If there is a bandwagon rolling past you can be sure TShirts365 won’t be too far behind desperate for a chance to jump aboard. The Carlos Tevez circus at West Ham proved too good an opportunity to miss. It is not one of their most eyecatching efforts, but they seem to have beaten the official […]

  • DVD review: Green Street September 19th, 2006 Kits & fashion

    I know this hooligan drama has been out for a while on DVD, but I’ve only just got round to watching it. Was it worth the wait? Sort of. I enjoyed it, in the same way that I enjoyed The Firm (the Gary Oldman one, not the Tom Cruise blockbuster) and The Football Factory. Football […]

  • Instinct, by David Beckham. What does it smell of? September 7th, 2006 Kits & fashion

    I’ve yet to smell the delights of Instinct, Beckham’s new fragrance. Does it boast a top-note of metrosexuality, with undertones of underachievement and shredded sarong? Has anyone out there actually bought it? If you have, add a comment and let us know what you think of Eau de Becks. What I do know is that […]

  • ‘Ban Thatcher for life’ t-shirt August 26th, 2006 Kits & fashion

    Football365 don’t mess about. They’ve already rushed out this ‘Ban Thatcher for life’ t-shirt – I’ve not known an incident provoke such ire among the football community. Thatcher’s a marked man for the rest of his career; to be honest, it’s nothing more than he deserves. Buy the t-shirt here – I’m sure it’ll sell […]

  • Extraordinary Kits from the past August 25th, 2006 Kits & fashion

    Over the years, there have been some mental kits. Man United’s amazing invisible kit that cost them points at Southampton. Spurs new poo brown one. All these pale in comparision to what our Victorian cousins used to wear. Pictured left is the kit Chesterfield wore in 1892. Patriotic and then some! Better still is Bolton’s […]

  • Ace Freekick Game to Skive At Work With August 24th, 2006 Kits & fashion

    Now the new season has started, I thought there would be loads of new online footy games to try out… however, this isn’t the case. Still, I’ve managed to fish out an addictive little effort which sees you as someone, who is quite obviously David Beckham, taking freekicks against various national sides. MiniClips have made […]

  • Martin O’Neill – The Saviour of Villa Park August 23rd, 2006 Aston Villa

    It’s clear that Martin O’Neill is the most popular man in Aston right now. He’s a popular bloke who is hoping to turn around the fortunes of a sleeping football giant. So, for all you Villians out there, show Martin how much you love him with this fun T Shirt depicting the former pundit as […]

  • Chelsea Stamford Oilers t-shirt August 22nd, 2006 Chelsea

    I love British football’s black sense of humour – we may not be the best footballers in the world, but by God we can take the piss out of our enemies better than anyone else, as this Chelski-mocking Stamford Oilers t-shirt proves. It’s available from T-Shirts365, for £14.99. Because every team deserves a Russian billionaire. […]

  • Useless TV presenter makes Man United podcast August 15th, 2006 Kits & fashion

    Manchester United (plc) must think that their fans are the most stupid people on the planet. For years, they swindled them out of their hard earned pennies on kit after kit after kit… and now… well… the latest ‘offer’ from the big wigs at Man Yoo is probably reason to start supporting FC United in […]

  • Kit Parade – Reading Shirt August 14th, 2006 Kits & fashion

    So, Premier League whipping boys new boys Reading will be taking to their new Premiership surroundings in their famed blue and white hoops. It’s not a bad kit actually, seeing the side opt for something simple and effective. It’s got the inclusion of an 80s collar too, so would-be rude boys can turn it up […]

  • Predict the Premiership table game August 8th, 2006 Kits & fashion

    OK, here’s a fun little game called PredictTheTable. The rules are simple: predict what the final Premiership order will be come the end of the season. Your mates do the same and you compare results with them to see who does the best. Whoever gets more points, wins. It’s free to enter, so check it […]

  • Authentic 1966 stuffed World Cup Willy mascot. Yours for just £3,712.65 August 7th, 2006 Kits & fashion

    Would you pay almost four grand for a ragged little World Cup Willy mascot? Me neither. I suppose it’s 40 years old and a genuine souvenir from the 1966 World Cup, which makes it something of a collectors’ antique, but four grand seems a bit steep. I’d pay 30 quid for it, maybe. Available now […]

  • Kit Parade – Bolton’s new away kit August 6th, 2006 Bolton Wanderers

    So Bolton have a new away kit to replace the very attractive navy blue one of last season. With Reebok being the sponsor of the club, you would have thought that no expense would be spared… right? Wrong. It seems that Reebok has forgotten about quality, and gone for cutting corners. No raised sponsor. No […]

  • Shit Kits No.1: Chelsea’s ‘graphite and tangerine’ away kit August 4th, 2006 Chelsea

    In the first of an occasional series celebrating hideous kits of seasons past, where better to start than with reigning champions Chelsea. I still have nightmares about their ‘graphite and tangerine’ away kit, sported between 1994-1996. I’m pretty sure Ruud Gullit, who made his Chelsea debut wearing this monstrosity (see picture), does too. You have […]

  • Spurs unleash new brown away kit. Aaaaaargh! August 3rd, 2006 Kits & fashion

    Coventry City famously wore a hideous brown kit in the 70s and they’ve still not shaken off the grim association of that fashion disaster – so you’d have thought that Spurs, or any club for that matter, would know better. But no. The colour of Tottingham’s new third strip for the coming season is milk-chocolate; […]

  • Lego penalty shoot-out game August 1st, 2006 Kits & fashion

    I loved Lego as a kid, so this penalty shoot-out Lego set brings tears of nostalgia to my eyes. But why is the kicker wearing a baseball cap? PS. In Latin, Lego means ‘I put together’. You have already read 4 premium articles for free todayAccess immediately the premium content with MultipassOr come back tomorrow

  • Kit parade: Liverpool August 1st, 2006 Kits & fashion

    Liverpool’s new Adidas home kit is launched on 10 August (pre-order it from Kitbag, if you like). It’s red and has a fancy collar, and, let’s face it, looks pretty similar to every Liverpool kit from the past decade. After all, there’s only so much you can do with an all-red strip. Stevie Gerrard looks […]

  • ‘Rooney on the Rampage’ flash internet game July 28th, 2006 Kits & fashion

    Control Wayne Rooney as he goes on a Zidane-inspired headbutt spree. Great little game for a Friday lunchbreak. Click on the image to launch. [Via Who Ate All the Bratwurst] You have already read 4 premium articles for free todayAccess immediately the premium content with MultipassOr come back tomorrow