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  • Panini Classics: Drew Jarvie’s combover May 21st, 2009 Horror Hair

    This hairstyle was all the rage in 1975 A perfectly executed combover by the former Abedeen & Scotland forward. Got any Panini classics for Pies? We need them. Email me with the details. You have already read 4 premium articles for free todayAccess immediately the premium content with MultipassOr come back tomorrow

  • Flashback: Oliver Kahn’s Panini horror hair May 20th, 2009 Horror Hair

    Don’t stare at this photo for too long, it will damage your eyes Apparently, it was acceptable in Germany to look like this in the Eighties. Shocking stuff. Apart from an albino silverback gorilla, Kahn really reminds me of someone here, but I can’t think who. Any suggestions for Retro-Kahn lookalikes most welcome. More Horror […]

  • Flashback: Liverpool fans taunt Man Utd with ill-advised banner May 19th, 2009 Liverpool

    Pride before a fall and all that Liverpool fans: Come back when you’ve won 18! United fans: Hi, remember that banner you held up in 1994? Yeah, about that… Now who’ll be the first to 19? Hmm, I know who my money’s on (United, if that wasn’t already clear). [@ Football Banter] You have already […]

  • Flashback: Wonderful World of Soccer Stars stickers May 18th, 2009 Retro

    This nostalgia-tinged dispatch just in, from our sister site, Anorak… “As a young lad, Old Mr Anorak liked to settle down with his junior pipe and slippers, reach for his monogrammed Gurkha knife, and cut open a paper packet of Wonderful World of Soccer Stars stickers. We say “stickers”, but these specimens bore only the […]