Snapshot: UEFA Really Are Desperate To Boost Europa League Esteem – Issue Prompt Sheet For Clubs To ‘Talk Up’ Tournament

Chris Wright

5th, October 2012


By Chris Wright

The intrinsic problem with the Europa League is that, by it’s very nature, it’s a knock-down affair, though UEFA are currently doing their utmost to convince you otherwise – even including issuing clubs with pre-prepared ‘DISCOVER THE DRAMA’ crib sheets to recite from during press conferences…

It’s nonsense really, complete with hideous ‘corporate speak’ overtones. It’s enough to make us dry heave.

Managers, press officers and clubs will surely only ‘talk up’ the Europa League if it’s worth talking up. UEFA’s attempts to desperately force participants to compliment the tournament smack of last-gasp desperation on their part.

There are many ways UEFA could make the Europa League more attractive: higher prize money, less games, more streamlined format, not providing a safety net for Champions League drop-outs, etc – but this is not one.

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  1. Fat Nakago says:

    And THAT my friends is why it’s the Europa League.

  2. HotSpur922 says:

    the EL could be so much more but much has to change in order for that to ever happen.

    get rid of the CL drop outs, less games, more prize money, CL berth for the winner and make the UEFA super cup more important.

    It’s funny that in recent years the EL winners rape the CL winner is the super cup…

  3. Del says:

    What an insult. Europa League is a great tournament anyway, this was just unnecessary.

  4. jake says:

    If they want to make the europa league interesting give the winner a spot in the Champions league qualifying round…

  5. Jarren says:

    I always enjoy watching the UEFA (sorry, Europa) Cup.

    Some of the most entertaining matches I’ve watched over the past few years, all courtesy of the dramatic & prestigious Channel 5.

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