Stevenage Player Thumped Over ‘Mistreated’ Ex-Girlfriend

Chris Wright

26th, January 2011


By Chris Wright

Remember not so long ago, when Stevenage defender Scott Laird was KO’d by a Stevenage fan after Stevenage had just knocked Newcastle out of the FA Cup?

Well it turns out that the fan in question, one Robert Fitzgerald of Stevenage, took to the field to lamp Laird for ‘mistreating’ his (Fitzgerald’s) current girlfriend Jade Coles whilst the two (Laird and Coles) were an item.

A court heard today that Fitzgerald had been seen ‘hurling abuse’ as well as ‘spitting, then throwing water and a hamburger’ at Laird during the game, before invading the pitch to lay one on the defender after the final whistle for ‘not treating his ex-girlfriend correctly’ whilst they were still together.

Fitzgerald was then granted conditional bail (on the proviso that he doesn’t attend any further ‘designated’ Stevenage games, i.e. all of them) by the Magistrate, then scheduled for sentencing on February 17th.