Corinthians Set World Record For Lowest Ever Attendance – Four Fans Allowed Into Millionarios Game

Chris Wright

2nd, March 2013


By Chris Wright

After a 14-year-old football fan, poor Kevin Espada, was tragically killed in the stands when a flare thrown by away fans wedged in his eye during a Copa Libertadores game against San Jose in Bolivia, Corinthians fans were barred from attending the Brazilian club’s next two fixtures – with their subsequent Copa Libertadores tie against Colombian side Millionarios being played behind closed doors in Sao Paulo last Wednesday night.

However, four angry Corinthians fans protested to Conmebol over the “unfair” stadium ban and later claimed in court that they could prove they were nothing to do with the crowd disorder that marred the game.

Amazingly enough, the court ruled in the fan’s favour and the quartet were allowed in to watch Corinthians’ 2-0 victory over Millonarios at the Pacaembu stadium – thus, it is believed  setting an all-time record for the lowest recorded average at a top-level football match (not including games which have been purposefully played without fans).

The court ruling has caused widespread consternation in Brazil, with many Corinthians fans feeling they have been unduly punished for something they weren’t responsible for, with 100 or so fans turning up outside the stadium before the Millionarios game to vent their frustration.

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  1. porcelain sandwich says:

    On the other hand, surely this is also the highest attendance for a match supposedly behind closed doors. Two completely opposite records in one match, bravo Corinthians!

  2. Alberto says:

    I have to say this is wrong; I understand not ALL fans were involved in this sad event, however, this is the only way you can try and calm barrs down.. I think is part of a self conciusness and we should all be part of fixing the issue, here’s how:
    If flares aren’t allowed, first, i don’t bring any with me, secondly, I convince the party coming with us not to bring and ultimately, if I noticed someone is introducing a flare.. then I call him out.. or denounce him/her.. that way we stop this type of events :(

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