Spanish Player Receives 12-Month Ban For Attempting To Slap Female Linesman With His Penis

Chris Wright

27th, November 2015

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You may recall, not so very long ago we brought you news of a harrowing incident in the Spanish regional leagues wherein a player stormed the pitch and attempted to slap a lineswoman with his…ahem…’old chap’.

The incident occurred during the final stages of the Andalusian Senior Second Division match between CD Abes and Gabia CF in mid-November.

As per the referee’s match report, the man responsible was quickly identified as a player for a local rival team, Celtic de Pulianas, who play in the league above.

Now, MARCA have followed-up by confirming that the unnamed Celtic de Pulianas player has been slapped with a 12-month ban for his lewd conduct…


As well as stinging the player with an oddly specific €468 fine, the committee also reasoned that a year-long ban was directly proportionate to the “completely undignified and disrespectful” offence:

The committee took into account the “social impact and significance of the act and its notorious and blatant nature” as criteria to impose a “medium-level” punishment

Once again, what a dick.

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1 Comment

  1. B13 via Blendon says:

    Dreadful behaviour and stand-up punishment.

    Conversely though, the same punishment must apply for any instances of ‘gash bash’ in the future.

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