Football GIF: Gennaro Gattuso Dares To Headbutt Joe Jordan

Ollie Irish

15th, February 2011


By Ollie Irish


Mentalist. (Gattuso, I mean.)

Wonder how heavy Uefa will come down on the little Italian? I imagine this was the last time he’ll ever walk out to the sound of the Chaaaaaaaampions League theme. Rino’s facing a five-match ban, at least.

UPDATE: Gattuso just said sorry, sort of: “I lost my head. I was wrong. There is no justification for what I did.”

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  1. Flamey says:

    Drogba gets a 6 match ban for telling it how it is, what will happen to Gattuso? An honoury award from Platini for giving the Englishmen what they deserve?

  2. Dolares says:

    Pavlyuchenko has a really odd grin on his face :)

  3. DJ says:

    Big Rino used to play for the mighty ‘Gers. He must have learnt that move from his time in Glasgow.

  4. Dom Murphy says:

    Gennaro Gattuso è vigliacco perché ha colpito Joe Jordan. Joe Jordan ha sessanta anni.

  5. Eric Beard says:

    Pavs face on that whole sequence is wonderful.

  6. martin thomson says:

    joe wouldve murdered that hairy little bastard. pity he didn’t eh

  7. K P V says:

    joe wouldnt have done shit, FORZA GATTUSO FORZA MILAN !

  8. powerforpower says:

    Firstly, as a Spurs fan I’m happy with the result.

    Secondly, I was listening to the Terminator theme song when watching that looping image of the headbutt and the two together is mesmerising.

  9. The Yank says:

    Gattuso should never have retaliated, but Jordan has no business even making eye-contact with him let alone yelling at the guy…

  10. Takeboyoutofrangersbut says:

    Gattuso’s an idiot, playing aggressively doesn’t make you a hard man, he needs to sort himself out (or someone else will). He was frequently put in his place in Scotland, and JJ would likely have given him a doing given a chance (even at 60 or whatever he is these days). Gattuso headbutts an old man… what a guy.

  11. dennis says:

    The Yank
    Maybe the fact that Gattuso was walking around like a madman kicking Spurs players made Jordan yell at him?

  12. The Yank says:


    Granted, but seeing as he’s the assistant coach of the opposing team, Jordan shouldn’t be anywhere near the guy. If anything, Redknapp should be the one having a word.

  13. Do you know who Joe Jordan is? says:

    Do you know who Joe Jordan is? Joe could have ENDED Gattuso. Give them five minutes in a room together… I guarantee the man left standing is not Italian.

  14. ozspur says:

    To The Yank

    Did you actually watch the game or are you only basing your comments on this short clip? Your blog seems to suggest the latter as you clearly have no idea what had gone on in the previous 90 minutes.

  15. hello says:

    The Yank, i just read your bullshit article, Gattuso approached him twice and yet he has “no right making eye contact” – FUCK OFF,

    You are a fucking idiot, you think jordan is in the wrong for using perhaps unsuitable language? when he then doesn’t retaliate from taking a nut (albeit a small one) to the nose?

    Sticks and stones

    You are one deluded arsehole

  16. Alex says:

    What an animal. Ban him for life

  17. AussieGooner says:

    Let’s face it, we all know gattuso is a complete knobhead. Good ol’ Joe Jordan just gave the little sookie boy a platform to display this to the world…nice work.

  18. theredflag says:


    nice pies wanna be blog

  19. van pursie says:

    @The Yank

    Gattuso should have been sent of several times over. Joe Jordan is under no obligation to stand by and watch the hairy twat run around hitting and kicking his players. Your whole eye contact argument is ludicrous. He’s a coach, not a chambermaid. He can make eye contact with whoever he pleases.

  20. van pursie says:

    …not to mention the fact that Gattuso very obviously made a beeline straight for Jordan after the match. He started the fight, not Jordan. Truth is, I really just don’t understand your point at all, The Yank.

  21. JPL says:

    @The Yank – You’re a fucking idiot to be honest… Fair enough you are looking from both point of views, however, your so wrong it’s pathetic. Gattusio was being a nuisance in the worst possible manner from the start of the match.

    Joe Jordan has more than enough right to be pissed off, his job depends on the success of that football team, and if theres a little italian prick cheating his way through, then he has more than enough right to “verbally assault” him (in your words, not mine.)

    Personally, if I was in that stadium, I would have kicked Gattuso’s arse. He’s given italian football a bad name to all british fans after his performance last night. And that doesn’t excuse Flamini’s terrible tackle on Corluka.

    It’s a shame that they will get away with it. Because we all know they will. If Gattuso did that to someone in the middle of the street, he would be arrested if seen by an officer. However, for some reason, even though he is on a football pitch meaning to be a good role model (which is necessary for all modern footballers) he wont recieve any charges at all.

    The whole situation is stupid, and the most stupid of the people are the ones who are actually questioning and condoning Gattuso’s actions. Idiot.

  22. JPL says:

    @The Yank

    Just to add, you’re american, your country doesn’t understand football. Therfore your wrong opinion doesn’t matter.

  23. I just realized Pavlyuchenko looks ALOT like Kim Kallstrom in Lyon.

  24. Darth Vadar says:

    Joe Jordan would eat the little man for breakfast. If Gattuso can throw his weight around why shouldn’t someone from Spurs be entitled to stand up to him. After all, the referee didn’t have the balls to sort it out. No doubt he’ll get a token ticking-off and ultimately English Football will be to blame again somehow in some Anti England farcical manner !!

  25. Rob Chambers says:

    Ill do the hairy Italian BASTARD!!! Up the BUM!!!

  26. Manc says:

    @Flamey. Joe Jordan’s Scottish.

  27. DJ Ballbag says:


    the mighty gers???? fuck up you ballbag, yeah he learnt that at the ”mighty” gers alright, throw a cheap head butt at a middle aged man………..

    The shame of scotland. Gattuso is the biggest kunt in football, a shite footballer who kicks people around and breaks down a good game of football.

    good for nothing, i didn’t see barcelona knocking on his door because he is not a good footballer.

    Maybe the ‘mighty’ gers will welcome him back with open arms. Dog

  28. gaptooth says:

    why is everyone making out like joe jordan is some super-badass
    i reckon gattuso would destroy him , he has 15-20 yrs on the guy

  29. […] UEFA have vowed to probe Milan scrappers Gennaro Gattuso’s ill-advised touchline spat with Tottenham assistant Joe Jordan in the San Siro last night, it seems that Mathieu Flamini will […]

  30. Nicko says:

    Gattuso, Good player but ruins it by being a complete and utter twat. Immature bastard.

  31. Rivichie says:

    Jordan was known as “The Shark” when he played in Italy, (a variant on ‘Jaws’. Be afraid Gattuso.

    Joe Jordan
    bit the Apple logo.
    leaves his message before the beep.
    doesn’t need a GPS, he decides where he is.
    went into a Burger King, ordered a Big Mac and they served him it.
    can slam a revolving door shut.
    chief export is …pain.
    doesn’t read books. He stares them down until they give him the information he wants.
    once caught the flu and released it immediately out of pity.
    doesn’t sleep. He waits.

  32. Mr. Angry says:

    fuck you gattuso you fat fucking shit stabing hairy little midget prick! i hope someone gives you a taste of your own medicine…
    you act all tough because you are a fucking midget! insecure inside and trying to compensate for your lack of height! you fucking shithead!

  33. Mr. Angry says:

    @ K P V

    fuck you! you fucking shithead

  34. Ping Yang says:

    @ Gaptooth
    Totally agree with you. Gattuso is not the kind of guy you want to mess with.

  35. Montesquieu says:

    Should be banned for life from the continent. The man is a grandfather anyway.

  36. Miles says:


    “JPL to : The Yank

    Just to add, you’re american, your country doesn’t understand football. Therfore your wrong opinion doesn’t matter.”

    You are a total tosser. Since when can’t a Yank understand football because he’s a Yank.
    Obviously you aren’t English, since an englishman wouldn’t be such an illiterate!

  37. Corrie Hotspure says:

    @ Van pursie
    explained in the best possible way

    @ the yank

  38. […] Gennaro Gattuso with ‘gross unsporting conduct’ after the gobby AC Milan midfielder throttled then head-butted Tottenham assistant Joe Jordan on Tuesday […]

  39. simmy says:

    who is the wee shit bag trying too kid. in real time he pusshes jorden then runs to fuck back on the pitch then he nuts jorden, again runs to fuck.he was shouting his mouth shite bag. he says he knows scottish!!! my fuckin arse. BIG JOE was telling him what an uggly fucker and a shity footballer he is.he never learnt much at the mighty gers because when you attempt a head butt like that pathetic one its him thats ment to hit the word to sum the shit bag up :laughable:

  40. Gattuso Versus Jordan – Fight Analysis. From one of the UK’s leading self defence experts

  41. Gattuso just made the very boring italian football a little more interesting

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